4 Signs Your Laptop Need Repair

Is your laptop not working properly or turned off unexpectedly? While there could be reasons why this is happening. Due to some of the significant reasons you need to repair it as soon as possible. Don't worry because we are an expert in branded laptop repair in Hamilton. We are here to guide you in making your decision. This blog will discuss four things that indicate your laptop needs repairing.

Battery Not Charging

The battery life depends on how you use or charge it. If your laptop doesn't charge fully, you probably could need a new battery. Your laptop operating system may have warned you before about this issue. It highlights a red "x" indicator over the icon of the battery. If you want to recheck your battery capacity, download a third-party program to see if it is working correctly, or check out the three parts of your battery before charging the laptop's battery: laptop battery, adapter cable, and charging cord.

Shutting down unexpectedly  

This is the most common problem with laptops. Shutting down unexpectedly means there is something wrong with the screen or may the battery. If you are doing a task and your laptop turns off itself, you check the battery connection first. But, if it's not the battery issue, then there are several reasons why your laptop is shut down unexpectedly. Following are the significant reasons if your computer suddenly turns off without any alert.
  • Laptop overheating
  • Virus issues
  • Fault in hardware
  • Operating system disorder (this trouble probably happens when you update your laptop with the newest version).

Low Performance 

Slow performance is mainly caused by too many programs running simultaneously. Below are the suggestions for users that can help them to increase the speed of a laptop.
  • Delete the background programs that automatically start.
  • Delete the temporary files to improve the speed. Make sure your laptop is always free from extra files.
  • Update the operating system.

Too Much Noise

This could be the symptom of dirt in the fan that builds up inside the laptop. The noisy laptop is the reason your hard disk is failing. If you can't diagnose the issue, don't feel hesitate to call a professional like Apple Fix to repair it. Following are the ways to stop fans from being so noisy immediately.
  • Delete unwanted activity.
  • Reset the RAM of your laptop.
  • Use the laptop on the desk.


Laptops, especially old ones, are more prone to malfunction over time. Whatever version you are using now, try to maintain the laptop and use it carefully. If you found some faults at the initial, then find someone professional and someone who is trustworthy. We hope you've understood when you need to call a professional for the service of the laptop or when you fix the trouble on your own. We at Apple Fix offer you multiple services such as laptop screen replacement, laptop keyboard repair and Samsung phone repair in Hamilton. To get professional service, you can contact us through our website.

Posted on Sep 12, 2022.

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