Macbook Repair

The MacBook has become the ultimate tool for professional and power users. Sometimes, however, MacBooks encounter a variety of problems, such as hard drive failure, persistent spinning beach balls, and black and grey kernel panic screens.

Fortunately Apple Fix is here to help you solve these annoying problems. We can help you fix whatever issue you have with your MacBook, and we have just the right people, the complete tools, and vast knowledge to do just that.

Get Your Macbook As New As Ever With Our Extraordinary Repair Services

As perfect as Apple products like the Macbook might seem, they are not without problems. Electronic devices are prone to different issues and accidents. Moreover, they also grow old and start to lag and hang as time passes. In addition, the LCD might break, or the battery may become old and worn out. Accidents are likely to happen if you have pets and little ones at home. The screen might break, and water or other liquids might spill.

If you are worried about how all these issues will be fixed and need a reliable solution for Macbook repair in Hamilton, Apple Fix is the answer! Whether you need a macbook battery replacement or a Macbook water damage repair, we are the best at our work and know how to get everything done in the best possible manner.

In addition, all our parts for Macbook LCD screen replacement and other services are of the highest quality and in the best condition. This ensures that your device is back to its proper working condition and works that way for a long time.

Apple Fix Has The Best Team!

Our technicians are the best, and we make sure to hire only the most skilled and highly qualified people. Our team is excellent at their work and highly dedicated to making your Macbook function at its best. Our technicians perform many different tasks, such as Macbook keyboard repair or Macbook logicboard repair, in the perfect way.

You do not need to worry about whatever model you have. Whether it’s an iMac G5 or even the latest iMac model, you can count on us to fix everything and carry out all the processes with extreme finesse and attention to detail.

We know you have a lot going on and do a lot of activity on your Macbook. This is why we make sure to repair your device as soon as possible. Our technicians will check your Macbook, see the extent of the damage, and give you a date accordingly. We will deliver on the promised date, and if you choose us, you will not be disappointed. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, and we do everything we can to repair their devices and get them back to new.

With Apple Fix, you can sit back and relax while we try to revive your precious MacBook because:

  • We use only new and original OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, which ensure you get only top quality replacement parts for your MacBook.
  • We guarantee high quality services; we even back them with a one-year warranty.
  • We are one of the most trusted names in providing refurbished Macs.
  • We provide MacBook repair service in Hamilton with a 24-hour average turnaround time and cost-effective prices.
  • We focus on 100% customer satisfaction.

Save Money, Save Time

Whether you need repairs for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iBook, Powerbook, or Apple Notebook, our qualified technicians will provide you the right service for whatever model you have. Our people will complete the repairs within a specific timeframe.

With us, you not only save your precious time, but also money since our prices are lower than most MacBook repair providers.

We provide the following MacBook repair services:


  • Motherboard RepairMacbook screen repair
  • MacBook DC jack repair
  • MacBook battery replacement
  • Over heating problem
  • Restarting problem
  • Display problem
  • Up grading RAM and hard drive
  • Chip level servicing
  • Power problems
  • MacBook LCD replacement


  • Virus removalMacbook screen repair
  • Spyware removal
  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • Operating System Installation
  • Slow Computer
  • Antivirus Software
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Networking
  • Configuring Wireless, Broadband, Dialup