Logic Board Repair & Micro Soldering Course in Hamilton New zealand

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Skill development Job Oriented short Training course. In Latest Gadgets, Smart Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, gaming gadget, Playstation, Xbox Repair Technology.

This course is aimed / focused, to teach you to fix most common repairs an electronics repair shop could face in a practical working environment.  Start your own business or increase your chances to get job quickly.

Logic Board Repair

  • Introduction to electronic components, Capacitor, Resistor, Diod, Inductor, Transistor How to find short on the logic board and a faulty component.
  • Use of MultiMeter and how to check electronic components with multimeter
  • How to find short on the logic board
  • Introduction to soldering and Micro soldering, soldering and desoldering. Solder and Flux
  • How to read schematic diagram of iphone , Samsung, macbook and laptop
  • Water damaged repair on iphone , Samsung, macbook or laptop
  • How to use ultrasonic machine and chemical / solution to clean water damaged electronics
  • How to replace Dc jack  on laptops and HDMI port OR HDMI Decoder on playstation and Xbox.
  • Charging port replacement on ipad air, ipad mini which requires Micro soldering skills
  • Introduction to IC replacement and how to diagnose IC and  trouble shooting
  • Touch IC replacement on iphones
  • Charging IC  replacement on iphones, ipad
  • Power management IC replacement on iphones, ipads, samsung
  • Network IC replacement on iphones and ipads, samsung
  • Camera IC replacement on iphone and ipads, samsung
  • WIFI IC replacement on iphones and ipads
  • FPC touch or lcd connector replacement on all types of iphones, iPads and tablets
  • Macbook and laptop logic board hard ware and software trouble shooting
  • Back light IC repair and video card(GPU) repair on macbook, imac and laptop.
  • Operating system installation and data backup
  • LCD, battery, camera , power button, volume button, charging port replacement on all sort of gadgets
  • Techniques Removing Samsung lcd from frame without breaking them
  • Full Course Fee $3000 + GST
  • Basic Course Fee $1500 + GST

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