Electronic Repair Experts.

We are team of talented Electronic Repair Experts in Hamilton New zealand

iPhone Repair

Apple Fix is here to help you keep your iPhone running in tiptop shape. Just give us a ring.

iPad/iPod Repair

Since the inception of the iPad, Apple Fix, the leading iPad repair centre in Hamilton.

Mac Repair

Fortunately, our technicians at Apple Fix can restore your Mac and make it good as new.

Macbook Repair

The MacBook has become the ultimate tool for professional and power users.

@ AppleFix

We Do

Gaming Console Repairs

All our professional technician expertise in diagnosing problems and committed to fix your gaming console quickly. We understand it is hard to live without playing games.

Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobiles phones are part of our lives but when they break down getting them fixed timely is important. We are professional mobile phone repairs shop in Hamilton New Zealand.

Samsung Repairs

If your Samsung phone screen is broken and you want a quick repair with genuine parts and professionally repaired for your peace of mind. Bring it to Applefix Hamilton.

Laptop Repair

APPLE FIX Hamilton is laptop repair specialists. Provide efficiently diagnostic and world class technical support services for your laptop or desktop computer.

20 years of exprience in

digital device repair services

Quality and Original Apple Parts

Apple Fix uses nothing but top quality original or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Apple parts for your gadgets. No guessing—the OEM parts we use for your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, will be exactly what you need.

Fast and Affordable Repair Service

We trust in our technicians and their proficiency in repairing Apple gadgets—because it shows in the quality and speed of their work. We fix your broken device as soon as we can at an incredibly affordable price. With us, you save time—and money.

Highly Qualified Repair Technicians

Our highly skilled in-house technicians are highly capable of repairing your Apple products, big or small. We specialise in a broad area of repair services, from iPhone Display and LCD Repairs to dock connector and water damage repairs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our local repair centre is growing fast, and we are gaining a loyal following of happy and satisfied customers. That is because customer satisfaction is the bread and butter of our business.


We will beat any competitor price by 10%
*All repairs same day, no extra charges for one hour fast service

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Data Recovery

Lost your precious data? Let AppleFix be your lifeline. Our expert data recovery service ensures your memories and work are never lost."

Mail-In Repair

Get your Apple device back in prime condition hassle-free with our convenient Mail-In Repair service


Unlock your team's full potential with our comprehensive training service, tailored to elevate skills and boost productivity

Youtube Channel

Join us at AppleFix for expert insights, tips, and reviews to maximize your Apple experience.

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