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macbook backlight ic repair

macbook backlight ic repair

macbook backlight ic repair in hamilton new zealand

If you dont see display on your macbook most probably you need macbook backligh ic repair get it fixed at applefix hamilton at 125 ward street hamilton new zealand. Watch macbook backlight ic repair full video click below

So this macbook air a1466 starts up normally you can hear the startup chime but no display. We took the board out and didnt see any water damage sign on board or any where around the macbook. We tested macbook backlight fuse which is F7700 but it was working.

When we looked at the backlight ic U3210 we find moisture damage and it was all burnt. You can see this in the above video. Along with backlight ic U3210 the capacitors around the ic C7714 and C7710 were also burnt and it burnt out the pads on pcb board.

macbook air a1466 backlight ic repair in hamilton new zealand

backlight ic was replaced and we also replaced faulty capacitors take out from donor board. Tested the macbook and it turns on fine. If you have macbook with same problem bring it to applefix. if you dont live in hamilton read the instructions here to send your macbook. For free quote call 078394188 or send us a query or visit us

logic board repair courses in new zealand

If you wish to learn logicboard repair you can enroll in logic board repair course read instructions here.

Quick Repairs For Your iPhone

The Importance of Good Quality and Quick Repairs For Your iPhone

Thank You for coming. We are gonna make some history together today.” On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs started the event of iPhone launch by this line. “So, we are gonna reinvent the phone” – he added later and iPhone surely did reinvent the phone. Even today, 9 years later, launch of the first iPhone is the best and most iconic phone launch ever. iPhone has evolved with time and the latest iPhone X launched on September 12 last year. From a screen of 3.5 inches with a resolution 320*480 to  5.8 inches of Super Retina HD Display, iPhone surely has traveled a long way. Keeping aside all the facts about its perfect built and friendly software, iPhone is prone to bugs that have been pointed from many grand platforms like this.

Apple loves incorporating with new technology and in the process, there are times when users face problems related to that. The latest example is – OLED Panel in the display of iPhone X. Its users have reported delayed responses in the display screen. The first gesture of any normal iPhone user after facing bugs like this would be getting the problem fixed by the official Apple Support.

The problem with Official Apple Support is mostly limited to huge repairing costs. Apple’s warranty service also suffers from a lot of terms and conditions. For instance, any accidental damages are not covered by the warranty. And, outside the warranty period, the repairing bill for even tiny problems turns out to be really heavy. Many users often make the mistake of going to getting their iPhone repaired at some low-class repairing centers, only to regret later. This severely harms the lifetime and performance of your iPhone. So, the obvious question is: Why is quality of iPhone Repairs important?

Why should quality of the replaced parts of your iPhone be a major concern?

iPhone has been known for its sturdy design and secure iOS. The basic reason behind this is the quality of hardware components with its in-sync software components. Taking your iPhone to an inexperienced technician will hamper the lifetime and the standard of your iPhone. Only reputed stores have the required tools and experienced technicians with the skillset to fix any hardware or software bugs that your iPhone might be facing.

AppleFix has 20 years of experience in the field of device repair services. Our expert technicians can solve any problems that your iPhone might be facing. If you are in Hamilton and looking to get your iPhone or any other Apple Devices repaired, instead of looking for Mac’s Motherboard Repair in Hamilton or MacBook Screen Repair in Hamilton, bring your Apple devices to us. We will be happy to fix your devices at decent cost.

Many service centers claim to offer repairing services at low costs and compromise with the quality of the replaced parts. To ensure the durability of a replaced part, it is important to use original and good quality parts. Any electronic device is prone to all kinds of hardware and software damages but the need for quality repairs is more pressing in iPhones and Apple Devices. The primary reason for this is – overwhelming prices of iPhones. In this technology-dependent era, timely-repairs are another major concern. We, at AppleFix, understand this and our efficient technicians repair all kinds of iPhone Repairs within a day without charging any extra charges. Come to us for the best repairing experience like your iPod’s broken touch, iPhones faulty display or Mac’s Motherboard Repair in Hamilton.

Call us at 07-8394188 or fill out this form to get your free quote now!

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your iPod Touch

In the middle of your favorite movie, your iPod suddenly start showing the battery is in critical condition, worst feeling ever! Right? We all are careless when it comes to properly conduct our devices, and that leads to several problems in equipment. One of them is early battery failure in your iPod touch. Although, the battery life of your iPod touch depends on several aspects such as what type of the function your iPod is currently up to. We at AppleFix in Hamilton offer you fast and affordable repair solution for iPhones, iPads, iPods and many more. We specialize in repairing any damage right from iPod touch screen repair to MacBook motherboard repair. Give us a call for a further consultation.

If you are done with your search and still not able to get a reliable Apple repair store, AppleFix can be the trustworthy option for you.our each technician is trained and certified to ensure the prolong and quality repair. However, we not only give quality repair to your Apple devices, but we also help you with our useful guide to improve the utility of your device. Let’s take a look on how you can improve the battery life of your iPod touch.  


  • Disable background app update

Does your iPod consist of a lot more apps? Does it keep updating automatically? Well, this can be one of the reasons for early battery consumption. Some apps might consume less battery, or some heavy apps might be responsible for battery draining. So, it is important that you disable the background app update when your battery is in critical condition. You can try installing or downloading the app once your battery percentage is high.

  • Don’t let your battery reach zero percent.

Most iPod touch owner will agree with the fact that they keep using their device until the battery gets dead. This is one of the prominent signs of early battery failure. Although you will charge it soon, it will show some damage sign such as slow charging, dysfunction and many more. So, do not use your iPod to the higher extent when you know the battery is going to be dead.

  • Keep brightness low

Another aspect that sucks up the battery is keeping the brightness of the iPod on.  The energy to light up the screen is something that is unavoidable yet balancing the brightness can save the battery to a greater extent. Some iPod owners have the habit of navigating the apps in high brightness and often face early battery consumption. So, it advisable to avoid such a habit to prevent inconvenience.

  • Keep unused apps close

Another main problem of iPod owners that they keep the apps on in the background that becomes one of the problems of early battery drainage. If you are one of them, then start avoiding such habit to ensure the durability of battery life.

Request For Free Estimation

Whatever the damage your iPod facing, we at AppleFix provide all the damage repair such as iPod touch screen repair, charging repair, headphone jack repair, battery replacement and many more. Fill out our online form for a free estimation.

Macbook repair

Macbook air water damage repair and back light ic repair

MacBook air water damage repair and back light ic repair in Hamilton new Zealand This was difficult repair we have done last week at Applefix Hamilton on macbook air water damage repair and back light ic repair

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Macbook screen repair

Unmissable Signs That Your Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Unmissable Signs That Your Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Whenever anyone shops for a laptop, notebook, good battery life is an important aspect, they gauge upon. A battery is a major component of a laptop. Batteries provide the ease to work in places without any power

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Macbook repair

Consider this before going for a MacBook Repair

Consider this before going for a MacBook Repair

Technology has landed smartphones and laptops in the hands of every other person. There isn’t even the tiniest bit of doubt that technology has made our life easier and extended our reach, but at what cost? There

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Iphone repair

Tips On How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Mac

Tips On How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Mac

Mac is an expensive investment, and you would need to take better care of it to ensure that it functions properly for the most extended period. The hardware, software installed, how you use Mac and how you

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Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Unmissable Signs That Your Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Whenever anyone shops for a laptop, notebook, good battery life is an important aspect, they gauge upon. A battery is a major component of a laptop. Batteries provide the ease to work in places without any power outlet. Hence to be able to take advantage of using your system wherever and whenever you should regularly inspect and maintain the battery to extend its life.

Laptops and notebooks like MacBook are an expensive investment and damage to the battery could result in completely shut down of the Macbook. Since not everyone has proficient knowledge in the field of specific batteries, make sure you hire a repair service providing the solution for Apple products. You can trust upon Applefix, Hamilton to get the best repair and replacement solution for your valuable Apple products, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook.

Following are the issues that you might face with MacBook batteries and some tips on how you can prolong your Macbook battery life:


If your MacBook doesn’t charge at all or up to the capacity, chances are you have been keeping your Macbook either with a full battery or below 20 % batter for a prolonged period. Apple clearly states in its device handling instructions that leaving your device with 20% of charge or less for more than two days may take the same effect.

Another possible cause could be the malfunctioning adapter,


If your MacBook is displaying the battery notification ‘Replace soon or Replace now,’ either it has been severely physically damaged by an accidental blow or the battery has reached the end of its lifespan


If you have several applications that you are not present using, functioning in the background of your Macbook, it can significantly affect the battery’s life and reduce the overall performance of the system. Since the machine is working twice as much and ultimately the battery will drain twice as much.

Keep these tips in mind to prolong your MacBook’s battery life:

  • If you are not accessing any highly visual content, you should turn down the brightness of the system to improve your MacBook’s battery life. You can also increase the battery lifespan by clearing out applications that you no longer use or shut down unused apps.
  • Switch off the Bluetooth and wifi, when not in use and turn off the backlit keyboard to extend the battery life. Also, check under ‘Applications using significant energy’ and turn off the apps that you don’t intend to use.
  • Don’t keep a peripheral like a USB or compact disk always connected to the MacBook, since it can significantly affect the battery’s performance and the overall functioning of the system.

The minute the battery of your MacBook starts behaving abruptly, know that your system can shut down anytime soon. Immediately get it looked at by a professional Macbook or Apple device repair service like Apple fix, that will provide an optimum solution for all your Apple products issues. Our team of highly trained professionals is capable of repairing any Apple device, quickly at an affordable price. If need be, you can trust upon our replacement service to replace your Apple components with quality and original products. Feel free to reach out to us for any Apple device issue, today.


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