Solder Assist Desoldering Tool 6 in1 (JM-Z01)


Solder Assist Desoldering Tool 6 in1 (JM-Z01)

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JAKEMY JM-Z01 6 in 1 Solder Assist Desoldering Tool Circuit Board Soldering Aids PCB Cleaning Kit

Model: JM-Z01

this set of tools dedicated to the integrated circuit assembly and disassembly, precision electronic components.
Welding, grinding, cleaning, repair, etc..Including knives, copper brush, spatula, fork and needles, pressure to meet the
welding, cutting, scraping, hook, brush, etc.

Positioning terminal: you can easily adjust properly pin surface mount components on the finger pads or location.
Brush: Cleaning prior to welding parts to be welded dust and residue.
Awl: Clean or expanded pad hole;
Knife: You can cut copper on the PCB connection;
Scraper: remove residual solder and flux to remove the pad, or the oxide layer on the finger;
Fork: Fixed or adjust component leads and connecting lines;
Hook: You can hook the components pin and wire;
Looper: used to adjust the mount IC, PLCC and other components of the pin.


Package includes: 


1 set of JAKEMY JM-Z01 Solder Assist Desoldering Tool


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