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macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

Most Professional Macbook Repair Center in Hamilton New Zealand

Macbook Repair Center In Hamilton New Zealand

From Simple software problem to chip level repair on macbook AppleFix Hamilton offer all repairs in store. Most Advance macbook repair lap in New Zealand.


The common services of the repairing centers from Hamilton are –

Battery Issues

As your Macbook ages, its batteries degrade. With quick battery replacement services, you can really enjoy many more productive hours of charge.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common repairs! The technicians only use authentic parts to ensure you the best experience.

Water Damage

The technicians of Hamilton repair water damage from inside on the device that ensures your device gets rid of the damage.

Software/Hardware Issues

Is MacBook not working as per your commands? Professional repairs ensure that your Macbook functions the way you want it to be.


Most Professional Macbook repairs in hamilton new zeland


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macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

The Best Service Center for Macbook and Ipad Repairs in New Zealand

Macbooks are the most reliable laptops in the present market scenario from all aspects that maybe look, design, performance, efficiency or any considerable features. The same follows to Ipad too which are brought into the market as the perfect alternative of the laptops being capable of everything that a laptop can do. Applefix can help you with any kind of Macbook Screen Repair or ipad Repair at a cheaper price which is almost impossible in the market. Moreover, every repair parts or spare parts to be replaced are from genuine manufacturers which make your device look and work like the new one from every corner.

Most Preferred Repair Center for Apple Device in New Zealand

Having an iPhone is quite incredible as most of the tasks are completed at ease with a user-friendly interface even if buying them is a big deal for most people. Furthermore getting the damaged iPhone in apple store is also a lengthy and expensive task which will consume a lot of time in case of warranty period or will be costlier to a great extent. However, if you are looking for a proper service center which can fix any damage of your phone and make it look like the new one, then apple fix in Hamilton is the best repair center to look out for.


Not only a satisfying service with genuine Apple products replacement but also incredibly faster service is provided by the professional associates of the company. In the case of iphone Screen Repair, just send the device by contacting the customer service from the official website and after the perfect repair done on it, you will get it back instantly.

It is undoubtedly the best spot for your iPhone Repair from all aspects as the professional associates make sure of returning the device as the new one. Additionally, screen replacements and Macbook repair are also done here at an affordable price.

Get the Screen of the Macbook Fixed with the Help of a Trusted Company

Macbook is one of the most essential tools for powerful and professional individuals, as it provides all the functions, which will help an individual fulfill a business goal or a requirement. Therefore, these macbooks encounter many problems, and damages that ultimately causes them to stop working. In order to perform and function well, the leading and the best repair company will offer with their Macbook Screen Repair services, by using original OEM parts, which they receive from reliable suppliers in the industry.

Why take the help of this company for Macbook repair?

There are many reasons to take the help of the best company when you want a good Macbook Screen Repair service. The company has the best technicians, tools, and carries good knowledge. In order to help you save time and money, they will fix and replace all the damaged parts of your macbook, at a specific time. Along with their 100% customer satisfaction services, they also offer a one-year warranty in all the services they provide. It will amaze you, to see that all their repair services will come within your budget when compared to other repair companies. The company is licensed and certified under the rules and regulation of the law and has a 10-year experience in the industry.

macbook iphone repair in hamilton nz

Allow the Best Repair Company to Provide You With Macbook and iPhone Repair Services

Have you accidentally damaged the screen of your Macbook? Do not worry, the leading and the most trusted repair company will offer you their Macbook Screen Repair services at an affordable price.

macbook iphone repair in hamilton nz
macbook iphone repair in hamilton nz

They have experts working for them and use the right tools for repairing and fixing. The company also provides its iPhone Screen Repair services and receives the original OEM parts for each of these products, from their trusted suppliers in the industry.

With their guaranteed high-quality services, they provide a one-year warranty. With a 10-year experience in the industry, the company has gained a good amount of respect and reputation. If you ever had a macbook or iphone repair to be done, join hands with this well-known repair company, and fulfill all your requirements.

Get the Services of Macbook and iPad Screen Repair at a Reasonable Cost

MacBook screen can be damaged due to many reasons like accidental fall or damaged by other means. If you go to any shop for repair, they may charge you more. Apple Fix is a company, which will help you to deal with the Macbook Screen Repair at a reasonable cost.

We also deal with the problems related to iPad Screen Repair. If it is broken or damaged, you can come to us and we will repair it. We have a stock of MacBook and iPad screens and you will get your device the same day on which you brought it for repair.

macbook backlight ic repair

macbook backlight ic repair

macbook backlight ic repair in hamilton new zealand

If you dont see display on your macbook most probably you need macbook backligh ic repair get it fixed at applefix hamilton at 125 ward street hamilton new zealand. Watch macbook backlight ic repair full video click below

So this macbook air a1466 starts up normally you can hear the startup chime but no display. We took the board out and didnt see any water damage sign on board or any where around the macbook. We tested macbook backlight fuse which is F7700 but it was working.

When we looked at the backlight ic U3210 we find moisture damage and it was all burnt. You can see this in the above video. Along with backlight ic U3210 the capacitors around the ic C7714 and C7710 were also burnt and it burnt out the pads on pcb board.

macbook air a1466 backlight ic repair in hamilton new zealand

backlight ic was replaced and we also replaced faulty capacitors take out from donor board. Tested the macbook and it turns on fine. If you have macbook with same problem bring it to applefix. if you dont live in hamilton read the instructions here to send your macbook. For free quote call 078394188 or send us a query or visit us

logic board repair courses in new zealand

If you wish to learn logicboard repair you can enroll in logic board repair course read instructions here.

Get Your Iphone and Macbook Repaired in a Cost-Effective Way

There are many types of MacBooks available in the market and users can purchase them for their personal and professional use. There are situations when Macbook Repair is needed. In such a case, you can come to Apple Fix and we will resolve all sorts of problems related to hardware and software. You can also come to us for Iphone X Screen Repair Hamilton. We will replace the screen with a new one and the iPhone will become usable again. If there is a screen touch problem, we can resolve that too and the iPhone will work fine.

macbook air a1466 backlight fuse and lcd connectors repair

macbook air a1466 backlight fuse and lcd connectors repair

macbook air a1466 backlight fuse and lcd connectors repair hamilton new zealand

Professional macbook repair in hamilton new zealand. This macbook air a1466 baclight fuse and lcd connectors repait done at applefix hamilton. The logic board of the macbook was liquid damaged and after some repair attempts at other macbook repair shops it was sent to us. Full backlight circuit was blown including lcd connectors. i have already wrote a blog on macbook backlight ic repair which you can read here.

On this macbook first we tested backlight ic whcih was faluty and it was replaced but even after replacing the back light ic still no image. i checked the lcd lvds connectors and find that both backlight lines are burnt on lcd connectors and one of the backlight line pad is ripped / burnt.

Even-though i could have jump wired burnt connectors to existing lcd connectors but because of the extreme liquid damage i decided to replace the macbook air lcd connectors.

In this kind of repair it is very important to have knowledge of how to read schematic diagram. Specially when some of the pads are burnt on pcb board. Without not having the knowledge of where these lines are leading to it is almost impossible to do a successful repair.

To check your macbook backlight problem you can read good article here.

macbook air a1466 backlight fuse and lcd connectors repair at applefix hamilton

If you are reading this article to have some knowledge it is important to know that water or liquid damage electronics will not work just by cleaning because if there is a short on the board it cant be removed by cleaning. Cleaning is important but after you finished examining the board. The solution we use for ultrasonic clean are military grade and will will leave any traces of liquid damage after cleaning and it will be hard to find damaged area. For example see in the below picture we can see where the damage on the logic board is.

macbook air a1466 backlight fuse and lcd connectors repair
macbook air a1466 backlight fuse and lcd connectors repair

If your macbook or any other electronic is liquid damaged. Do not turn on do not charge you will make it worse. Rice remedy and hot cupboard treatment never worked. Having moisture or any liquid inside or on the logicboard will create conductivity and flow of the current throu this conductivity will burn the small components on logic board.

Applefix hamilton at 125 ward street hamilton new zealand are experts in repairing macbook logicboard. Send us query here

or call 078394188. If you live out of hamilton you can send your device read instructions here.

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

MacBook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

Macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement New Zealand

Keyboard & trackpad suddenly stopped working your local IT replaced keyboard & trackpad but still it is not working. MacBook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement in New Zealand. MacBook air keyboard and trackpad are pretty rigid parts. They stopped working usually if you have liquid spill on it. Replacing keyboard and trackpad is quite easy repair and most of the computer repair shop can do it.

But when it comes to MacBook air keyboard and trackpad integrated circuit IC repair it becomes very skilled repair and most of computer repair shop send it away to more skilled repair shop like AppleFix hamilton at 125 ward street Hamilton New Zealand.

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

U2600 is not the only ic which controls the keyboard and trackpad but most common one to fails. For technicians reading this article do not just takeout this ic if keyboard and trackpad not working even after replacing with new one. There is a procedure to check the ic. See below picture the capacitors which are in connected to u2600 ic.

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

These all capacitors in red square are in on 3.3 volt line check these caps and resistors. read through digram or board view. Check with multimeter if you all the information you will find on the schematic diagram. if you find it hard how to work around you are suggested to take one of our logic board repair course.

On this particular MacBook logic board u2600 failed. We usually keep donor boards where we can remove the ic and solder on which we repairing. Removing ic also needed to be learnt or you might endup pulling the pads.

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

Once ic is removed use flux and solder braid to remove any left over solder and clean it with alcohol.

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

There are different types of IC read a good article on integrated circuit here. This type of ic we recomend to do underneath preheating to have good strong joints.

After soldering new ic you have to perform same tests again. Check the volts lines. Which you should have right output. MacBook keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement is done at applefix in store repair lab.

If you have similar any hardware or software faults on your MacBook pro or MacBook air bring it to applefix. Find our location here. if you live out of Hamilton New Zealand mail your device. Or call +6478394188.

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement

macbook air keyboard trackpad not working u2600 ic replacement


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