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Get the Services of Macbook and iPad Screen Repair at a Reasonable Cost

MacBook screen can be damaged due to many reasons like accidental fall or damaged by other means. If you go to any shop for repair, they may charge you more. Apple Fix is a company, which will help you to deal with the Macbook Screen Repair at a reasonable cost.

We also deal with the problems related to iPad Screen Repair. If it is broken or damaged, you can come to us and we will repair it. We have a stock of MacBook and iPad screens and you will get your device the same day on which you brought it for repair.

Need iPod Classic Repair in Hamilton? You Are Welcome To Apple Fix

So, you are a music lover! That’s cool and sound quite rhythmic. It’s hard to imagine your plight if your favorite gadget, say your iPod that you recently purchased with your saved pocket money, start behaving erratically. The thought of spending your entire day without music may have a music lover down. However, luckily iPods classic are easily repairable for almost all issues. From the broken screen to hard drive issues, nearly all problems are repairable with the right types of equipment and knowledge. Instead of buying a new expensive iPod, repairing your damaged model helps you keep all your favorite tracks and playlist intact.


  • iPod Touch becomes irresponsible
  • Touch fails to turn on
  • Screen turns black
  • Air bubbles or dark spots in the screen
  • Battery problems

So, if you are also a music lover experiencing any of the above-mentioned problems in your iPod model and want reliable iPod repair services in Hamilton, we at Apple Fix are can help! There are several gadget repair companies that have been popped up overnight, but Apple Fix is not one of them. We have 20 years of experience in digital device repair services. Also, we are proud to say that our highly skilled and experienced team know their job when it comes to these devices. When repairing iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks, our technicians treat every Apple repairs as if it’s their own device.


Here are few of the valid reasons why you should choose Apple Fix for your iPod classic repair:


We at Apple Fix will provide you professional services at an affordable price in a timely manner that you can completely rely on. Hand over your malfunctioning   iPod classic to us and feel assured that we will give your gadget back in your hands with the original and quality products installed by our highly skilled and experienced repair technicians


It’s quite obvious you must be looking for the best highly qualified repair technicians to work on your iPod. All our technicians are up-to-date on the latest repair solutions and technologies. Simply bring your device to us at Apple Fix and give us a chance to fix it!   We Guarantee you cannot find a better team of repair professional anywhere else.


Knowing how important your gadget is to you, our team of professionals takes great pride in caring for your iPod throughout the repair process. When you choose us for repair services, you can rest assured that your device is in safe hands.


Our customers and clients are our first priority. Listening to and understanding our client’s concerns and issues help our experts diagnosis and repair the device more effectively. Customer satisfaction is the lifeline of our business.

The bottom line is, whether it’s broken iPod screen or any other problem, our qualified experts at Apple Fix can fix all your issues. Contact us today!

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your iPod Touch

In the middle of your favorite movie, your iPod suddenly start showing the battery is in critical condition, worst feeling ever! Right? We all are careless when it comes to properly conduct our devices, and that leads to several problems in equipment. One of them is early battery failure in your iPod touch. Although, the battery life of your iPod touch depends on several aspects such as what type of the function your iPod is currently up to. We at AppleFix in Hamilton offer you fast and affordable repair solution for iPhones, iPads, iPods and many more. We specialize in repairing any damage right from iPod touch screen repair to MacBook motherboard repair. Give us a call for a further consultation.

If you are done with your search and still not able to get a reliable Apple repair store, AppleFix can be the trustworthy option for you.our each technician is trained and certified to ensure the prolong and quality repair. However, we not only give quality repair to your Apple devices, but we also help you with our useful guide to improve the utility of your device. Let’s take a look on how you can improve the battery life of your iPod touch.  


  • Disable background app update

Does your iPod consist of a lot more apps? Does it keep updating automatically? Well, this can be one of the reasons for early battery consumption. Some apps might consume less battery, or some heavy apps might be responsible for battery draining. So, it is important that you disable the background app update when your battery is in critical condition. You can try installing or downloading the app once your battery percentage is high.

  • Don’t let your battery reach zero percent.

Most iPod touch owner will agree with the fact that they keep using their device until the battery gets dead. This is one of the prominent signs of early battery failure. Although you will charge it soon, it will show some damage sign such as slow charging, dysfunction and many more. So, do not use your iPod to the higher extent when you know the battery is going to be dead.

  • Keep brightness low

Another aspect that sucks up the battery is keeping the brightness of the iPod on.  The energy to light up the screen is something that is unavoidable yet balancing the brightness can save the battery to a greater extent. Some iPod owners have the habit of navigating the apps in high brightness and often face early battery consumption. So, it advisable to avoid such a habit to prevent inconvenience.

  • Keep unused apps close

Another main problem of iPod owners that they keep the apps on in the background that becomes one of the problems of early battery drainage. If you are one of them, then start avoiding such habit to ensure the durability of battery life.

Request For Free Estimation

Whatever the damage your iPod facing, we at AppleFix provide all the damage repair such as iPod touch screen repair, charging repair, headphone jack repair, battery replacement and many more. Fill out our online form for a free estimation.

Want To Extend The Life Of Your iPod Touch? Follow These Steps

Electronic devices have become one of the most critical aspects of our lives and why not? It has been successful in making our lives easier than ever before and keep us connected with our loved ones. One of the most popular items is iPod that is rapidly becoming a favorite device for most of the people in Hamilton. One of the main features in an iPod that requires utmost attention is the touch that enables you to navigate all the operations in the iPod. Experts at Applefix suggests its customers not to overlook the maintenance factor that will lead to a long-lasting life of your iPod.

Although, everything has an expiry date that can be extended with a proper care and attention. Same applies to iPod device, once you buy your favorite iPod make sure you are giving proper attention to its maintenance. Also, regular maintenance helps avoid any early assistance of iPod screen repair service center. Anyway,  let’s take a look what our skilled technician has to advise about maintaining your iPod to improve its life expectancy:

  • Clear out dirt from the iPod touch

Cleaning the touch screen of your iPod every day is the easiest and best way to ensure the enhanced life of your iPod. This will remove stain and signs of fingerprints and helps you to navigate the screen with better accuracy. Also, many of the iPod gadgets come with cleaning cloth, but if not in your case? A glass cleaning cloth can also work well.

  • Change the habit of the frequent dropping of your iPhone

Most of us are suffering from this annoying habit of dropping the iPod frequently but this can be daunting for gadget and can reduce its durability or maybe affect its appearance especially screen, which can diminish the value of your device. So, try to change this habit and do not drop your iPod more often.

  • Protect with screen protector and case

What else can be an excellent choice than having a quality screen protector and case? A screen protector enhances the visibility of screen as it consists of anti-reflective coating. On the other hand, with the iPod case, you’ll be stress-free from getting the screen, or any other part comes into the exposure to dirt, dust or any other element. One thing you need to make sure that the case you are buying is compatible with your iPad.

  • Protect from heat and water

Well! This is common for all of us, right? Touching the screen with your wet fingers, leaving the iPod on exposure to sun, dropping it in the water, using in the bathroom and what not? All these things not only deteriorate the value of your iPod but also affect its smooth touch. So, you should avoid doing such things and harassing your iPod.

  • Do not carry it in your back pocket

Most of us carry our gadgets in the back pocket which increases the possibility of getting bumped from the pocket. Also, you will find your iPods has been bent, or you mistakenly sat on it. This is not good for its longevity and appearance. So, make sure you are trying to change this habit.

To Conclude

We at Applefix believes in providing you some helpful suggestion with ensuring quality iPod screen repair service in Hamilton. These were some of the basic maintenance tips that will help you in enhancing the durability of your iPhone touch. Stay connected with us for more information about Apple devices.

signs that indicates a damaged ipod touch screen

Signs That Indicates A Damaged iPod Touch Screen

Whether you are a gadget freak or having an iPod to accommodate your most of official tasks, you will never want your iPod gets in trouble that can also affect your work. When you notice that you are unable to properly function your tasks, this would not only drives in a long pending work but is also irritable. a n electronic device is made to make your life easier and smoother, though, these non-living things gets damaged. When you gets trouble in functioning your iPod, there can be many other damaged signs you hardly notice.

Apple iPods are reliable products, though you get any defect or problem, we at, Applefix gives you a loyal service ensuring an authentic repair of your gadget with durability. One of the best service provider in Hamilton, we also believes in giving you some beneficial suggestions to maintain your Apple iPod so that you can enjoy for long time.

However, there are many problems in a dysfunctioning iPod and some of them are stated below.

1. battery failure
When you charge your ipod for several hours and the time of discharging, it turns into zero percent, there can be a problem of battery failure. However, the problem can occur due to using low-powered USB hub or you must be charging on computer that is in a sleep-mode. It is highly recommended to use high-powered USB device and keeping your computer in an awakening mode.

2. Blurred display
If your iPod touch looks blurred, distorted or you are enable to see anything, this clearly means the screen has been damaged. This can cause due to cracks or device has been dropped. Also, other problems like the black screen, the function maybe alright but you are unable to see. We have highly qualified technician to fix this problem, also we give you a screen replacement in an affordable price.

3. Water intervention
Another problem can be the moisture or water intervention in the device when you drop your iPod in the water. The device has many components that are sensitive enough and gets affected while they gets in the exposure of water. Right after the water intervention, try to dry up it immediately, this can be a little bit saviour. If the device stops responding, you need to give it to the experts.

4. Hard drive failure
Hard drive failure can bring you into a major trouble as you can lose all your stored data. The problem can be occurred due to unusual noises when you perform any operation. Keeping a backup is important, that can help you performing your task when your iPod is in the repair or replacement process.

Whether your iPod has got the screen problem or any other issue, we at Applefix gives it an authentic and reliable repair with the help of our skillful technicians. To avail the service, contact us now.

apple watch cracked screen repair

apple watch cracked screen repair

apple watch cracked screen repair hamilton

Cracked the glass on your apple watch? apple watch cracked screen repair in hamilton New zealand. Don’t worry! get it fixed professionally at applefix hamilton. If you into DIY electronics repair. This is an easy repair you can do it yourself. Follow the instructions below for apple watch cracked screen repair but if you not confident enough bring it to applefix. Told you will need, a fine metal or plastic spudger a fine tip tweezer, new lcd, lcd frame double sided tape and heat gun.

apple watch cracked screen repair

apple watch cracked screen repair

Before you start turn off watch if you can as you might end up blowing the apple watch back light fuse. If you can’t turn off make sure battery is fully drained. Start heating the edges of apple watch lcd. You can feel with your finger if it is hot enough to melt double sided tape adhesive holding the apple watch screen with metal frame. With a fine sharp tip spudger try pulling off lcd. While pulling off lcd watch lcd cables locations. Try pulling off the apple watch lcd away from the lcd cables connected on logic board. Once lcd is pulled off 90 degree you will see lcd cables are connected with board and a metal lock holding them together.

apple watch cracked screen repair

apple watch cracked screen repair

See in the above picture small metal lock. You can use tweezer to release the lock. Once lock is released metal part will come off and you can disconnect the apple watch broken screen from the board.

How to put new lcd on apple watch?

Once apple watch broken lcd is removed. You might find there is very small space and not enough length of new lcd cables to connect them on apple watch logic board easily. We recommend a 90 degree tweezer to hold the cables and press them down on to the fpc connectors. Before you push hard on the apple watch lcd connectors make sure they are 100% aligned or you might break them. Once apple watch connectors are done. Turn on lcd and test it is working fine. Push metal bracket on the lcd connectors. Test again and  remove the lcd double sided tape and push lcd to align with frame and you all done.

apple watch cracked screen repair

apple watch cracked screen repair

There is a good guide on apple watch cracked screen repair which you can read here.

where to get apple watch cracked screen repair in hamilton new zealand

Bring it to apple fix hamilton at 85/a victoria street hamilton or call us for a free quote 078394188 or send us query for a free quote. If you live out of hamilton you can send your device how to send read instructions here.



ipod nano screen & power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair hamilton & cambridge

The most common problem you can experience with your ipod nano is either ipod nano screen and power button repair We at AppleFix hamilton fixed many ipod nano with power button stuck or power button not working on ipod nano. The power button and volume button and headphone jack are part of one cable on ipod nano. Because of the excessive use or wear and tear the click on the power button goes flat and stops working. Below is the cable which you have to replace if ipod nano power button or volume button or head phone jack stops working

ipod nano screen and power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair

how to remove ipod nano lcd screen

to access ipod nano logic board or any other part you have to remove lcd screen. Ipod nano lcd is hard glued with the metal frame on 3 sides the 4th side is lock. To remove lcd from ipod nano you will need heat gun, metal spudger. heat 3 sides of the lcd and when it is hot enough to melt a double sided tape. Insert the spudger from one side but if you insert spudger too much in it will break the lcd so just as much so the you can seperate the lcd and make a bit of gape.

ipod nano screen and power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair

In the above picture you can see once the ipod nano screen is lify off . if you lift it off from the wrong side where the lock is then it will break. Once lcd if lift off then you will see a metal plate screwd between lcd and logic board. there are two screws remove them and lift the metal plate.

ipod nano screen and power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair

Once metal plate is taken out. Now you can disconnect the lcd which has two fpc connector connected to logic board. Most of the apple product we repair we always disconnect the battery. but in ipod nano the battery connectors are soldered with logic board and you will work replacing lcd and power button cable while battery is connected. We recommend use ESD sake tweezer and anti static mat otherwise you might end up shortening the board. Next you have to remove the logic board there is only one screw on logic board and power and volume button cable connector. remove battery along with logic board with a plastic spudger.

ipod nano screen and power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair

removing power volume headphone jack from ipod nano.

as we discussed above if your are fixing ipod nano power button or volume button or headphone jack that is one cable which you will replace. If you are doing it first time we recommend to remember the orientation of cable how it is installed with metal plates and body of ipod nano. There are 5 screws you have to take off to remove this cable.

ipod nano screen and power button repair

ipod nano screen and power button repair

Rest of the repair you might find easy as this will be reverse of what you have done. If DIY doesnt help bring it to AppleFix Hamilton at 85/a victoria street hamilton or call 078394188 for ipod nano screen and power button repair.




ipod touch home button fix

ipod touch home button fix

ipod touch home button fix Hamilton

ipod touch most common problem is ipod touch home button fix if you are having same problem on your ipod touch 4th generation or ipod touch 5th generation you can bring it to applefix Hamilton at 85/a Victoria street and we will fix it with in hours. Ipod touch 4th generation home button replacement is easy as compare to ipod touch 5tg generation home button repair. An example is below for ipod 4tg generation home button cable.

ipod touch 4 home button cable

ipod touch 4 home button cable

how to replace ipod 4th generation home button

ipod 4tg gen home button repair is much easier than ipod 5, as you can see above picture the ipod touch 4 home button flex cable . This cable is glued to the metal plate underneath the lcd there is soldering involved. You have to heat the lcd on the borders and then gently pull-up with sharp metal spudger. Once lcd is out successfully you have to unscrew the metal plate. take metal plate out and you can see the way home button flex is attached to metal plate just remove the old not working home button cable and same way glue the new one.

ipod touch 4 home button repair

ipod touch 4 home button repair

The bottom side of cable is attached to logic board and top part has click and this is pressed by plastic home button when you use home button.

How to replace ipod touch 5 home button

ipod touch 5th generation home replacement is difficult. It requires micro soldering skills and there is only one cable that has home button, charging port, and headphone jack connected and then this cable is micro solder to main board.

ipod touch home button fix

ipod touch home button fix

we would recommend do not try replacing ipod touch 5tg gen home button cable. this is not recommended for DIY repair. At applefix Hamilton we can repair any ipod touch hardware or software problem. if you are looking for ipod touch home button fix repair in Hamilton Waikato bring it to us and we will fix it for you.

ipod touch home button fix

ipod touch home button fix

Call AppleFix Hamilton 078394188 now and get it fixed.

ipod touch home button fix

ipod touch home button fix

iPod 5 lcd replacement

iPod 5 lcd replacement

iPod 5 lcd replacement hamilton

Where do you go if you are looking for iPod 5 lcd replacement shop in hamilton? Most reliable and iPod lcd repair shop is AppleFix at 85/a victoria street hamilton. iPod 5 lcd replacement we use original oem parts. Even though most popular iPod touch series is iPod 4th generation. We have replaced hundreds of iPod 4th gen lcds and now we can replace iPod 4th gen lcd eyes closed. iPod 5 lcd replacement is almost the same steps as o iPod touch 4th gen but little bit more skilled hands required. Replacing lcd on any iPod touch it is highly recommended that you turn off iPod. You need a heat gun. Metal Spudger and phillips screwdriver 000.

iPod 5 lcd replacement

iPod 5 lcd replacement

How to remove iPod 5 lcd

Start heating lcd from the bottom around home button. We recomend to cover home button with a coin. Do not heat directly on to home button as underneath home button is click on pub board if heated directly to home button you might lose home button functionality.Once the glass is hot enough that can melt a double sided insert metal spudger between the metal frame and plastic frame of lcd and start pulling lcd up gently. The double sided tape is only around home button. rest of the lcd is locked with metal frame with plastic click lock. You have to move up with metal Uspudger gradually removing lcd off metal frame. When iPod lcd is  at 90 degree angle remove front camera. Now you can cut the lcd cables with a sizzer. Both lcd and touch connectors are behind the logic board. Remove 3 screws on logic board and 3 small screws on iPod wifi antenna. Once these screws are removed use a plastic spudger to pull iPod logic board. You will find very small space to put new lcd connector. this is difficult part for beginners or DIY. You can use a ESD safe tweezer to press new new lcd. Once iPod 5 lcd connectors are clipped you can turn on iPod and check if lcd is working. If it is working fine reverse the steps and you are done.

iPod 5 no display after replacing the lcd.

This is common problem with iPod 4th gen and iPod 5 lcd replacement you will find no display. This usually occur when you don’t turn off iPod before replacing lcd. if this happened to you don’t panic. Press power and home button together and you will see apple logo. as soon you see apple logo release both buttons and iPod will turns on normally.

iPod 5 lcd replacement

iPod 5 lcd replacement

This is bit difficult repair for DIY. Bring it to AppleFix Hamilton at 85/a victoria street hamilton 0r call 078394188 we will fit iPod 5 lcd in one hour.

iPod classic repair hamilton

iPod classic repair hamilton

iPod classic repair hamilton

AppleFix hamilton is one stop shop for all iPod classic repair hamilton last two weeks we repaired few iPod classic with different problems. iPod classic headphone jack repair. battery replacement and hard drive replacement. iPod classic has known problem with headphone jack faults. Which is not a difficult job is you want to DIY.

How to open iPod classic

Apple designed their  iPods classic to be very difficult to take apart without destroying major components. Because of the metal faceplate, the metal backing, and the 13 metal clips holding the case together. This is one of the toughest iPods to disassemble. You can insert a plastic or metal opening tool and ideally start from right side best way is to push the metal lock down and then keep moving to next lock. Once last one is unlocked. This is bit difficult and you might bent the metal frame if you push locks too hard. Once you unlocked metal frame you will find two flex cable attached to logic board one is battery cable and other is headphone jack and mute / on / off cable.

Battery connector cable you have to slide the lock to take it out. Other cable you will find a lock which you have to pushup.

Once both cables are disconnected you can change iPod classic battery or iPod classic headphone jack. Once you replaced these assembling back iPod classic is easy. Just make sure hard drive sit properly at its place. Connect the cables again they way they came out. Push assembly back to metal frame and you are done.

iPod classic battery, headphone jack, hard drive replacement

If you are unable to DIY on your iPod classic repair hamilton. You can bring it to AppleFix hamilton at 85/a Victoria street hamilton or you can call us on 078394188. We keep all iPod classic parts in stock.  Most of iPod classic repair we do same day. Below is picture of iPod classic headphone jack replacement done same day. If you are having any problem with your iPod bring it to AppleFix Hamilton.

iPod classic repair hamilton

iPod classic repair in hamilton


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