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macbook iphone repair in hamilton nz

Allow the Best Repair Company to Provide You With Macbook and iPhone Repair Services

Have you accidentally damaged the screen of your Macbook? Do not worry, the leading and the most trusted repair company will offer you their Macbook Screen Repair services at an affordable price.

macbook iphone repair in hamilton nz
macbook iphone repair in hamilton nz

They have experts working for them and use the right tools for repairing and fixing. The company also provides its iPhone Screen Repair services and receives the original OEM parts for each of these products, from their trusted suppliers in the industry.

With their guaranteed high-quality services, they provide a one-year warranty. With a 10-year experience in the industry, the company has gained a good amount of respect and reputation. If you ever had a macbook or iphone repair to be done, join hands with this well-known repair company, and fulfill all your requirements.

iphone xs max broken screen repair

iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand

iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand

Highly skilled and professional iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand at applefix hamilton 125 ward street hamilton. Iphone xs max broken screen repair is quite easy and it is recommended for DIY repair.

If you are into DIY repairs and want to save money on iphone xs max screen repair you will only need few tools. The list of tools you will need to replace iphone xs max screen are listed below.

P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver , Plastic opener spudger, tweezers, heat gun and tri point Y000 screw driver. And of-course a new iphone xs max lcd.

First of all use P2 Pentalobe screw driver to remove lcd screws from the bottom part of the lcd screen. Once both screws are removed. You can use heat gun to soften the lcd frame adhesive say about 100 degree centigrade. Once you feel with your fingers that lcd edges are hot enough then use plastic spudger to pull the lcd screen from the bottom part.

Iphone xs max lcd cables and front camera cables are located on the right hand side if you holding the iphone xs max toward you. Gently pull the lcd starting from bottom and move along left and right and finally opening it from left like a door.

You will see metal sheet with 4 Y000 tri screws holding the lcd connectors and one more metal plate or metal bracket holding lcd and battery connector. Once all of these screw are removed you have to disconnect the battery. After disconnecting the battery. disconnect all other fpc connectors with metal spudget.

be very careful taking out front camera assembly cable it is glued with other cables and it this is broken your face id will not work even if you use new cable.

iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilron new zealand

iphone x and xs max front camera face id problem and fix you can watch out youtube video here.

If you have broken lcd on your iphone xs max and you think DIY repair is not a good idea for you to fix it yourself then you can bring in to out store AppleFix Or call us 078394188 or send us an email for a free quote.

So lets finsh our repair on iphone xs max. Once screen is disassembled. Test new lcd if it is working fine. Remove front camera assembly from broken screen and install it on new lcd. rest of the process to put screws on metal bracket should be easy and you are done.

logicboard repair courses in New Zealand.

We also offer high tech advance logicboard repair courses on all apple products. to read full information on logicboard repair courses read here.

Obtain the Best iPhone X Screen Repair Hamilton at Sensible Prices and Valuable Approach

Since there are numerous iPhone repair companies that provide cheaper repair solutions for your worthy iPhone X Screen Repair Hamilton, the original and innovative spare parts of iPhone which are highly durable become the customer’s foremost interest. With the purpose of enhancing the virtual functionality and offer best iPhone repair services, Apple Fix is upgrading their repair services which include iPhone Charging Port Repair, screen repair, charger repair, and more. All our repair services are fast, reliable, and durable.

Moreover, there are numerous iPhone accessories that are classified according to their purpose & usability and their better repairing is a must. In addition, these accessories will also allow the iOS phone user to fully avail their abilities & functionalities with the best iPhone repair services.

To improve the instant in-house iPhone repair service, we have hired numerous intelligence repairmen which are skilled in their profession. These mastermind repairmen are respectful & quick in repairing all models of Apple’s mobile phone’s damages. Moreover, you can also formulate an appointment with the skilled technicians working with Apple Fix via the direct call to our top-notch iPhone repair hub. The amenities of our Apple’s repair services are completely paired with Apple’s liberality and policies. Furthermore, we continuously reduce our exclusive iPhone screen repair charges to delight our customers. Thus, rely on our services and repair your iPhone in the best possible manner.

iphone no display backlight fuse replacement

iphone no display backlight fuse replacement in hamilton new zealand

professional iphone no display backlight fuse replacement in hamilton new zealand. At applefix 125 ward street hamilton in New Zealand. If there is no display on your iphone after you dropped it and suddely no display and even after replacing the lcd screen by your local iphone repair shop most probably your iphone backlight is blown. iphone backlight repair is not easy. Most of the iphone repair shop will send it away to facility like applefix in hamilton.

Is it easy to replace backlight fuse on iphone?

No it is not. First of all if there is no display on iphone and you know it is turning on it could be anything in backlight circuit, a fuse or diod or resistor of ic? You have to check whole circuit before you replce any component.

You can read one of my other blog on same kind of repair here

If you have same kind of backligh problem on your iphone bring it to applefix hamilton or if you dont live in hamilton you can find the instructions here to send your device.

Logicboard Repair courses in New Zealand

If you are an electronic technician and would like to enhance your skills on microsoldering or logicboard repairs. you can learn by taking one of our logic board repair courses. For full info on logic board repair courses click here

Get Your Iphones Repaired at Apple Fix

The first iPhone was released in 2007 and became very popular. Since then, many iPhones have been launched in the market. People use iPhones very carefully but sometimes it is damaged due to careless usage or other reasons. If the screen of an iPhone has been damaged, you can come to Apple Fix and we will provide all kinds of services to make the mobile workable. The services of Iphone X Screen Repair Hamilton at Apple Fix will replace the existing screen with a new one. We have a stock of all kinds of screens so you will get the repaired mobile the same day.

Another service that we provide is Imac Repair. The screen of an iMac can be damaged. There can be other hardware and software problems that can occur in iMac. You can come to us and we will repair the device and resolve all the problems to make it workable again. We have got a huge stock of various spare parts. These spare parts are available for all models of iMac. You can always contact us and we will help you in making the iMac workable. Our experts will also help you in cleaning the system from all types of viruses to improve its performance.

Get Your Iphone and Macbook Repaired in a Cost-Effective Way

There are many types of MacBooks available in the market and users can purchase them for their personal and professional use. There are situations when Macbook Repair is needed. In such a case, you can come to Apple Fix and we will resolve all sorts of problems related to hardware and software. You can also come to us for Iphone X Screen Repair Hamilton. We will replace the screen with a new one and the iPhone will become usable again. If there is a screen touch problem, we can resolve that too and the iPhone will work fine.

iPhone x ear speaker and face id repair

iPhone x ear speaker and face id repair

iphone x ear speaker and face id repair in hamilton New Zealand

Professional iphone ear speaker and face id repair at AppleFix hamilton New Zealand at 125 ward street Hamilton. If you having low volume in ear speaker on your iPhone x you might lose face id if it is not fixed professionally.

Question is why replacing the ear speaker full flex cable will in any way fail the face id because face id is not in speaker? The whole functional area is dubbed the “TrueDepth camera system”, which is made up of flood illuminator, infrared camera, front camera, dot projector, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, speaker and microphone.

So for iPhone x ear speaker and face id repair if you replacing full speaker assembly with new proximity sensor and ambient light sensor the face id will not work because true death camera system is made-up of proximity sensor, ambient light sensor. So you have to replace just the speaker.

will you lose face id if you replacing iPhone x ear piece full assembly?

Yes you will so just replace the ear speaker.

How face id works on iPhone x?

Every time you glance at your iPhone X, the flood illuminator detects your face with infrared light and forms an image. Then the dot projector will project out over 30,000 invisible infrared dots over your face to create a 3D map. Last, the infrared camera reads this map and sends the data to neural networks to create a mathematical model of your face. Your iPhone X will check that mathematical model against the one that you’ve set up and stored on your device to see if it’s a match, and if it is, it will unlock your phone. Read another good article here

For any iPhone x repairs in hamilton new zealand call us 078394188 or visit our store 125 ward street hamilton 3204 New Zealand or send us a query through our website .

If you don’t live in new zealand find instruction here to mail your device

Common Signs of Damage to Your Apple MacBook

Most users of the MacBook don’t give much attention to minor damages. These issues include screen or charger dysfunctions. No one should trifle with these problems.


The specialists of iPhone Screen Repair say that even minimal usage can cause your MacBook to overheat. It is an unmistakable sign of a dysfunctional battery.

Charging Issues

Your MacBook is not charging even after keeping it on a charge for a long time. If you’re experiencing this problem, then it needs extensive repairs.

What to do

The issues mentioned above are just of few of the problems that you notice. Several other dysfunctions can occur at any time. So, you should head to your nearest MacBook Screen Repair centre as early as possible.

how to separate iphone x pcb board easily

how to separate iphone x pcb board

how to seperate iphone x pcb board easily

iphone x board is designed is unique. how to separate phone x pcb board easily is a challenge for iphone x repair. We are doing iphone x repairs successfully and separating the two layers pcb board is quite easy for us. So i thought i should make a video for other repairers.

Using a good quality iphone x pcb board separator machine is essential. You will see many on the internet but only few work fine.

St the temperature of iphone x pcb board separator machine to 280 and before you start the machine put the board in. Rest of the process you can watch in the video above.

Any iphone x board repair call us 078394188 or send s query here

If you dont live in hamilton you can send your device read instruction here

Or visit our store at 125 ward street hamilton 3204 New Zealand

iPhone 6 plus touch disease repair

iPhone 6 plus touch ic repair

iphone touch ic repair at AppleFix Hamilton New Zealand

Watch complete video of iPhone 6 plus touch ic repair at applefix lab in hamilton at 125 ward street hamilton New Zealand. Learn iPhone logic board repair courses from professionals. Read full info of the course here

For more therotical knowledge on iPhone 6 plus touch ic repair read one of our previous blog here

Whatever problem you having on your iPhone bring it to applefix hamilton if you don’t live in hamilton send your device read instructions here

Call 078394188 for free quote.


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