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Samsung phone repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

Samsung phone repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

If your Samsung phone screen is broken and you want a quick repair with genuine parts and professionally repaired for your peace of mind. Most of Samsung screens we keep in stock and repair are available same day. If you have broken Samsung screen or no display bring your device at AppleFix Hamilton.


We at Applefix not only repair Samsung broken screen but also fix other problems with your Samsung phones like Samsung charging port repair, Samsung battery replacement. We also do Samsung liquid damage repair, Samsung headphone jack repair, Samsung broken power button, Samsung broken camera, Samsung broken camera lens, Samsung overheating problem. Latest Samsung phone have problem like “moisture has been detected in your charging port”. Samsung logic board repair, Samsung data recovery from dead phone.

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We are high-tech advance Samsung repair shop in Hamilton New Zealand. Any hardware or software problem on any model of your Samsung phone can be repaired at our modern Samsung repair shop.

We repair all range of Samsung phone series like Samsung galaxy S series repair, Samsung A series repair, Samsung M series repair, Samsung Note series, Samsung J series.

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Samsung Galaxy S Series Repair

We repair all models of Samsung S series like Samsung s20 ultra, S20 plus, Samsung S20 , Samsung S10, Samsung S10e , Samsung S10 Plus, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 plus, Samsung s8, Samsung S8 plus, Samsung s7, Samsung S7 edge, Samsung s6, Samsung S6 edge, Samsung S6 edge plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 and S2.

samsung screen repair hamilton

samsung s9 screen repair hamilton

Samsung Note Series Repair

We repair Samsung Note 10, Samsung Note 10 Plus, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note 8, Samsung Note 5, Samsung Note 4 and Samsung Note 3.

Samsung A series Repairs

We repair Samsung A90, Samsung A80 , Samsung A70, Samsung A71, Samsung A60, Samsung A50, Samsung A51, Samsung A10, Samsung A9, Samsung A8, Samsung A8+, Samsung A7, Samsung A6, Samsung A6+, Samsung A5, Samsung A4, Samsung A3, Samsung A2.

Samsung J series repair

We fix all sort of problems in Samsung J series phones like Samsung J8, J7, J7 prime, J7 pro. Samsung J6, Samsung j6+, Samsung J5, Samsung J3  and Samsung J2.

Samsung Tablet Repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

We repair Samsung tablets as well. If you have any problem with your Samsung tablet bring it to us at 125 ward street Hamilton 3204. We will professionally fix your Samsung tablet with an affordable price. We provide same day repair as well.

iphone x water damaged repair

iPhone X Water Damaged Repair @ AppleFix Hamilton New Zealand

iPhone X is surely an expensive device out there in the market but the features like certified water resistance, Lightening fast processor, wireless charging and efficient performance etc makes it worthy of all sense. However, there are chances that your iPhone X May Get Water Damaged in some scenarios and the warranty may not work for you.

Service centers express high costs for repairing those water damaged phones as spare parts of them are also quite expensive from the manufacturers. In this scenario, Applefix can be your best pick which not only gets your phone repaired completely but also uses the authentic spare parts from manufacturers directly. With affordable prices and the most reliable services, it is the most preferred choice in Hamilton.


iphone x water damaged repair

iphone x water damaged repair

Highly skilled technician. Fully equipped workshop. See Live repair on iphone x dead


iPhone Repair: Some Common Reasons For An iPhone Repair

The iPhone is one of the top trending handset, loaded with several great features and with an amazing IOS out of the box. Apple still continues to enhance the quality they use their smartphone screens but still, these devices are much prone to cracking and shattering. Soon, after the launch of latest Apple flagships, new iPhone owners began looking for the information regarding iPhone repair.

Fixing an iPhone on your own is not impossible and in most of the cases, it can save you hundreds of dollars. But if your iPhone screen is shattered or if there is an issue with a headphone jack or battery, making it an expert is a great option. Are you still fluttering with your mind overtaking your exquisite smartphone for a repair, then think no further as it’s the decision you won’t regret! At Apple Fix, our experience with the previous devices, our technicians are prepared to fix any issues that your model require.

Below are the few common reasons that became the popular bases for an iPhone repair these days.

The most popular reasons for an iPhone repair is it’s broken or shattered screen. These days, cracked iPhone screen can give the user a mini heart attack.

A few common reasons for smashed or broken screen are:

1. Dropping out the pocket or from hand
2. Stepping on the top of the screen

While there are many more reasons that cause broken screen, but the above mentioned are common reasons. Most of the iPhone screen is made of glass that is advanced and devised to resist a distinguished impact, harm and damage from everyday use. Apple Fix is here to fix your cracked iPhone screen and keep it running in a good shape.

Although water is the most necessary element for us, it’s quite hazardous for technical gadgets. Dropping a new handset in a bathtub or toilet is a terrible accident that iPhone users hope not to experience. A single moment of carelessness can result in a severely damaged that calls for an expert repair. Water inside the other parts of the handset can render your iPhone useless, thus leaving you without your smartphone until it’s repaired.

Apart from Apple devices, even other devices become the victim of battery problems and need an urgent repair. In case your iPhone fails to charge, the battery failure can be the root cause and it indicates you get it resolved as soon as possible.

The home button of an iPhone can get occasionally stuck from regular use, and this can impact the regular use and make its annoyance. Other related issues of the non-functioning button can be a broken side switch for switching off and on the ringtone or a damaged volume control. If you encounter any problem with damaged or non-functioning iPhone buttons, get it repaired as early as possible.

The above mentioned are a few common root causes that lead iPhone owners to repair their handsets. Aware yourself regarding these situations, get your iPhone to Apple Fix and get your handset in a working order again.


iPhone Repair For Your Personal Device

iPhone repair for your personal device is more than necessary because the device is too expensive for you to throw away when it does not work the way that you want. There are a few things that can be fixed on your device, and you must ask the repairman to tell you what they think is going on.

1. The Screen
Cracked screens are a common problem and these can be replaced because there are many replacement parts and services easily available out there. You must have the screen replaced as soon as possible so that it does not cause other damage to the device. When getting the repair done, you should ask the repairman if they can repair the screen in your presence.

2. The Ports And Plugs
The ports and plugs on your device could be damaged at any time, and you must see if there is a way to have them removed and replaced. The replacement of a port could extend the life of your device for some time, and the ports can be repaired because removing the back panel exposes the wiring.

3. The Battery
The battery on your iPad or iPhone must be replaced when you know that it will not change the way that it should have in the past. You do not want to have a battery that never holds a charge, and it could be possible that your battery is slowing down the whole device. You must ask the technician if they can replace the battery without any problems, and they might have a much better version of that very same battery. Expert technicians are always equipped with iPhone Screen Repair Kit Hamilton so you don’t have to go around looking for one.

4. The Case
The case on your Apple device should be replaced when you know that it has been cracked or banged one too many times. The case should be replaced when you know that you want a new color, or you could do this before. The cracks in the case cannot be fixed, but the whole case can be replaced.

5. Fast Repairs
You get the fastest repair service possible, and you are given every chance to have the repairs done while you wait for the technician. They let you know what is going on with the device, and they provide an estimate so that you know how much it will cost. You are trying to keep costs down, and you learn a lot just from the estimate.

Personal device repair is necessary to continue working the way you want. Reapirs for expensive and eccentric devices should only be handled by experts. We at Apple fix have all the parts you need, and we complete the repairs in the simplest way possible. You have your apple device repaired on time, and it functions like new. Get in touch with us for iPhone Screen Repair Kit Hamilton.

macbook pro 2018

Pros and cons of new macbook pro 2018

Apple has its own unique way of upgrading the technology, macbook pro series is considered one of the best computer technology of this global market. We have seen how macbook pro series have become superior over the few years.

This year, apple finally came up with something new that one may be not expecting this much sooner. Apple macbook pro with “touch bar” is lot more stylish and handy in compare to previous versions of apple macbook.

From last 4 to 5 years we have not seen any new changes in the macbook series. Finally apple decided to give their users something new, which they are going to cherish for long period of time.

If you’re thinking to switch or looking for an upgrade then this article is a must read for all you.

Take a look at few pros and cons of macbook pro before you make a purchase :-


Handy touchbar
Most of you are probably not happy with having no “f” keys at top but the touch will make things more easier for you even without it. Now, you can control brightness, volume, music, apps from the bar very easily. Moreover, you have option to add f keys in touchbar whenever you feel the need of it.

Brighter & colorful display
The new apple macbook pro display is astonishing and looks pleasing to eyes. The colors are amazingly great which will enhance your high definition movies experience tremendously. Moreover, the display brightness is accurately meeting the normal human eye requirement on point.

Faster processor
Time to say goodbye to those long spinning wheels that makes you impatient and frustrated all the time. Now, it is time to say hello to much faster & smoother processor that is going to increase the productivity drastically. with bigger storage option and faster processing speed, you can now use heavy softwares smoothly.

Sleek design
I have always liked the way apple designed their macbook’s right from the beginning. Last 2-3 macbooks have not changed much but this time they designed screen lot much thinner. It is like a paper attached with a typewriter.

Needs to be gentle & careful
As i mentioned above, the new macbook pro screen is thin which means you need to be very much careful when you flap the screen. You can’t just hand over the macbook to someone without letting them know that it’s really sensitive and you must be careful with that everytime when you open it.

No “escape”
Yes, now you don’t have option to press the button escape in seconds and get rid of all those irritating apps and website quickly. However, you can add escape key into touch bar but it is not going to be that much smoother especially in a case of ESC tab.

Expensive device
Macbook pro is so expensive that it can almost give you a heart attack if it gets damaged or harmed. 2000$ macbook can leave you broke if not managed well.

Bottom line
Macbook pro is a great device but needs to be maintained well in order to avoid the damage expense. Apple macbook repair is not much expensive if you hand over the job in the right hands. Apple fix has experts that will make your macbook same as it brought from the showroom. Contact us for one of the best apple macbook repair in hamilton.

macbook air

5 reasons why macbook air is still a great buy

10 years back macbook air was first introduced to the world and brought boom in a market. From that day onwards, apple never looked back and continued its successful streak of mac’s.

Macbook pro series is considered one of the best release of apple till the date. They are much thinner and powerful than the air. After that apple decided to stick with pro’s and end the updation of its most mainstream laptop “air”.

It was 2 years back when the the most latest version of macbook air came. After that, we have seen no sign of macbook air yet. Most of the people might be wondering why apple is still selling this obsolete laptop? But i think air is still worth buying even after 2 years of no updation.

Here look at 5 strong reasons why apple’s macbook air is still a great purchase for you :-

1. Cheapest mac
If you’re a apple fan and don’t have money to buy macbook pro then nothing could be the better choice than the macbook air. It is still the cheapest mac which is available in market in comparison to pro series. The price of smallest macbook starts at 1,299$. The average laptop apart mac series will cost you between 150$ to 650$. This means that macbook air is a affordable buy if somebody looking for a apple branded machine.

2. Longer battery life
No device of apple can provide longer battery life than the macbook air. The 13 inch device can last upto 14 hour with wifi running in background. On the other hand, apple claims that macbook pro battery can survive upto 10 hours and so. Which is 20-40 percent less than the macbook air.

3. Old usb ports
Most of the latest macbooks have c-type connector usb 3.0 port. This ports are actually very useful and will be a great use in future. But most of us still depends on the old one which is usb type-A connector. With this you don’t need to buy dongles, adaptors and all the owner of macbook air can easily connect to usb 3.0 port directly.

4. Card slot
If you’re a photographer or just a person who frequently transfer images from your regular camera then macbook air is quite useful as it has card slot at side. In new macbook pros, you will be needing a usb cable or a card reader to accomplish the same job. Ultimately card slot become a great choice.

5. Better keyboard
If typing comfort is your priority than macbook air have pretty comfortable keyboard than the new updated keyboard of pro. The keys of pro are snappy, updated butterfly version do not perform that good as macbook air do. Macbook air is little deep and responsive.

There are plenty of reasons for not buying macbook air but there are also several points that can pull your attention towards mac strongly. If battery, typing, image transferring is your concern than macbook air is a perfect choice. Moreover, the repairing cost of apple macbook air is less than the macbook pro’s.

Stay in touch with us for more blogs like this, contact us for one of the most affordable repair in town.

All you need to know about Ipad AIR 2

Ipad air 2 till the date remains favourite of every user or lover of apple due to features it provides in so less amount. It runs on ios 11 and in demand by customers although, apple wanted to sell out ipad pro of 2017 as it is the new launch of their brand.
Apple has this tendency and aim from starting to provide users a device which should be better in terms of performance and processor. They do not believe in adding too much in device, as their usp has always been keeping the device simple and fast.
Due to smooth running and faster processor people prefer to go for apple over any other brand. So, every time when apple device come in market the expectation of change should be minimum as the performance will get improved, faster, smoother but major change will not come up soon.
Ipad air 2 has variety of features to offer which almost consist of everything one may be needing to perform daily chores.

Here is everything you need to know about apple’s most favourite device Ipad air 2:

Retina display
Finally, the third eye generation introduced the concept of retina display. The motive behind going towards retina display is that the pixels are so small at the average distance that individual pixels can’t be distinguished. It is more or less new way of seeing display to provide clearer view of screen.

Detecting display touches
The display is capable of detecting and processing different kind of touches on screen. It is capable of detecting difference between multi touch and single touch on display. Also it can sense swiping on screen which means it acts on the basis of your actions.

Dual facing cameras
Ipad air 2 introduced both back and front camera which is specifically designed for facetime video call or conferencing. The back camera is upgraded from 5MP to 8MP which is capable of recording 1080p quality videos.

Bluetooth 4.0
Obviously, bluetooth allow us to deliver and receive data from one device to another. The bluetooth in iphone and ipod give us option to listen music in headphones and speakers. The ipad air 2 has faster bluetooth connectivity which make transfer whole lot smoother and uninterrupted.

Dual microphones
Same like iphone, ipad has two microphones the second microphone in ipad is use to keep the “crowd noise” out. It is very handy when you are using facetime in middle of travel or using ipad as phone.

Battery life
Apple has claimed that ipad battery life is upto 10 hours which is a pretty good amount of time the device last. It still depends upon how you use it and for what purpose you are using the ipad. Watching a video using 4g connection definitely consume more power than reading books or document in the same.

Apple has built its reputation over the years by delivering top notch quality products to market. It has loyal fan base and customers who trust apple products blindly. The great quality comes with great price also which make this brand not a easy buy for everyone.

Neither, everyone can upgrade product after each period of time. So, this is how apple Ipad air 2 becomes little favourable for those who is looking to buy the brand in bit low amount . the product consist of all the features which device should have.

If you are facing issue on your apple ipad then, contact us for one of the best ipad repairing. We provide assured quality repairing consist of highly qualified expert for ipad repair. We believe in building long term relations with customers as our services are most affordable in the hamilton.

Macbook vs windows

Macbook vs windows : which one to buy?

Macbook and windows is always been a talk of town, mac’s and pc’s has been locked in an battle for past several years. We have seen rare cases where mac users switched to windows or vice versa. The reputation which is built by both the brands is commendable.
The debate is already stretched too much that one still cannot stop talking about these two. Apple always known for its design and smooth performance. On the other side, window pc’s focus towards bringing innovative changes to device.
Iam going to discuss some of the key points that will help you to make a better decision between the two.

Apple trust its design
Apple spends year of hard work and produce one of the best looking mac pc’s in market. They do not look beautiful from outside but they do look attractive from inside as well.

Window pc’s are also catching up and delivered microsoft surface pro 4 which was appreciated by the critics for its innovative design all over the globe. Other manufacturer of window pc ‘s are also leveling up their game in context to design.

Macbook’s are expensive
Apple mac’s are expensive than the window pc’s, they can cost you around 1000$ for its most cheapest device which is macbook air currently. On the other hand, the most cheapest window device cost is 150$ in comparison to macbook. You can get the same or better configuration of mac in windows pc for much less amount of money.

Windows is the best for gamers
One of the prior reason of gamers to choose windows over macbook is that windows pc are customizable. The standard of games are going higher and higher each new day, if you’re kind of a person who love to play games then nothing could be more better than windows pc. You can upgrade the hardware, software, graphic card, whenever you wish to. While, macbook’s are not flexible or vulnerable to customization.

Windows is more vulnerable to threat and viruses
There are very less amount of mac’s in market as compare to windows pc. Apple do not give hackers a wide platform to attack. Windows on the other hand has huge productivity which ultimately make windows a easy target for the hackers.
Still, you can’t just claim that mac is completely secured and windows is not. Last year, we have seen huge number of virus surfacing on mac software. Still, apple has been considered better in protection than windows.

Windows offer more options
Apple don’t have much of variety when it comes to macbook while on the other hand windows having huge number of options. If you’re looking for a touch screen laptop then windows has all kind of ranges as per your budget. Last year, mac came up with its touch bar feature which is perceived as a impressive technology by critics.

End conclusion
Both of these technology used for achieving different objectives, you can’t expect to get all in one. Mac is more of a professional computer that works on point where windows believe in making a whole packed laptop to give their customer at least a bit from every corner. Range might be an issue in macbook because you don’t have much options or a little cheaper version for the same. Windows has range from low to high for everyone who can’t afford a 1000$ purchase.

If you’re thinking to switch from windows to macbook then i like to advise you that it is not expensive to maintain but costly in purchase. Apple macbook repair cost is almost same as windows.

Those who are thinking to switch from macbook to windows, you might feel little difficulty in adjusting with windows interface. Still, it offers wide services than macbook which you may love.


How ipad is different from iphone

People often get confused and ask questions like why apple is still manufacturing ipad when iphone is already doing great in a market. I have seen people who believe ipad is just a bigger version of iphone. In actual, it is not true at all! I agree both devices run on ios software and manufactured by same brand apple but it doesn’t signify that ipad and iphone is the same device of different shape.
Ipad released after 3 years of iphone stability in the global market. The last 10 years has changed the technology completely. Apple is selling much better and advanced iphone’s that ultimately creating more doubts in the mind of audience.

In this article, i’m going to give you the most detailed difference between these two devices which will help you to understand ipad use precisely :-

What ipad can do?
There are tons of function in ipad through which hundred of task can be accomplished. Ipad has some exciting features which none other device could able to provide. Obviously, it is bigger in size which make easier for all of us to watch and stream videos in it. The resolution of ipad is unbelievable that gives the feeling of a small theatre when watching movie in it.
Moreover, when you buy apple ipad you have access to more than 20,000 of apps which are available on app store. Most of you probably not aware about the fact that there are some apps which are specifically designed for ipad and not available for iphone. Still, the apps which are made for iphone is available for ipad also.
Gaming experience get enhanced when you have bigger screen to play on. Kids love to play virtual games on ipad, the games for ipad are of better graphics and quality than iphone. Also, you have higher resolution device to enjoy the graphics to its most.

How it is different from iphone?
Not just in terms of usage, it is quite advance in context to technicality also. The processor of ipad is better and faster in performance. It will give you much smoother experience when you will use the device. Resolution is another aspect in which iphone and ipad varies with huge difference. Other than that, camera quality of ipad is exceptional. you can record videos in 1080p quality even in 4k if you purchase upper version of the ipad.

Why to purchase?
It is great to have a ipad at home as the device is capable of everything that one may require in his daily routine life. It has some great features like multi window to work on two different apps together. There are two versions that are available, one in which internet run on wifi other in which you can get a package sim card through which you can access internet anywhere on device.
There is one more reason to buy ipad, the device is lot more cheaper than iphone and you will get two devices in one (iphone and laptop). Ipad repairing and maintenance cost is also very much affordable this give you one more reason to purchase ipad for yourself.

Currently, apple is one of the top brands of market on which people trust and rely on their product. Iphone is a great technology as both the ipad and iphone is of same brand. You can enjoy the benefits of both the devices if you have budget to buy the both or either can go for one as per your requirement and usage.

5 macbook hacks and tips

5 macbook hacks you probably never heard of

Macbook is one of the most versatile and powerful technologies which is dominating the tech-market from the past few years in progression. Probably, you must be owning a macbook from the last 5 years or so, but, there are lots of features which you may not be familiar with.

Apple always keeps some features hidden somewhere that is completely unidentified, specially, when we have one of their devices at home. Finally, after several years of its existence, some people have cracked the code and shared the whole new macbook with all the Apple users out there.

To cut it short, here are 5 macbook hacks which are likely to make your life smoother and easier while working on your Mac:

1. Spotlight as calculator

If you ever find yourself in trouble while doing maths, then, just hit the command “+ spacebar” on macboard to open spotlight. Simply type your problem and get it solved within seconds. This will help you in getting back to what you were working on. Isn’t that simple?

2. Explore the family of Emoji

Have you ever wondered why I can’t use emoji in macbook while texting or mailing? Well, there’s a simple hack to it! All you need to do is just hit the command “+ spacebar + control (ctrl)” to make emoji keyboard visible on screen. It works quite seamlessly when you are texting or sending mail to someone.

3. Switching to the digital signature

On various occasions, your signature is required in the document while sending files through mail. It requires a lot of planning and accurate scanning etc. However, in the case of Mac, if you have iSight camera, then, you can apply your signature both in preview as well as in the Email. Check more about this feature online in a detailed manner.

4. Dictate your mac

I think, most of you may not have an idea about this feature! This feature is somewhat like a magic for writers, wherein, they can dictate their mac in order to write seamlessly. You need to ensure that there is some extra hard disk space to enjoy this feature without any trouble.

5. Enhance your words by using special characters

You will definitely look forward to this tip while writing emails, writing books or novel. If you ever feel short of characters or words with accent mark and need more, just hold and hit the letter specifically you want to mark with accent. With this action, a list of os x special character will appear. Choose the special characters which seem to be suitable for your line.

Apple never misses a chance to surprise its users with a variety of unique features in its devices. Obviously, that’s the reason why it is one of the top technologies across the globe. Despite of this fact, everything consists of pros and cons and in the case of Apple macbook, battery has been one of the major concerns of the users.

Check out our more blogs about macbook and know how to maintain the device for a better performance. If you are facing trouble with your macbook battery, then, our macbook battery repair technology experts have some effective ways to resolve the issue within lesser time and at low cost.


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