When going for your next Iphone Repair, Read This!

Tips To Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

When going for your next Iphone Repair, Read This!

There is no doubt that we all make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes lead to catastrophes. Did you know that approximately 33% of people break or lose their phones on a daily basis? So where do you go when you are looking for a quick and easy iPhone Screen Repair in Hamilton. Luckily Apple fixes their phones starting at $99 with a warranty. As well as Apple Care Plus that offers you two incidents of accidental damage repairs. Finally, they provide a variety of services, from screen repairs to battery replacements. Anything to make sure that you remain content with their Apple products.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus new features

Consider The Model Type And Pay Accordingly

However, you need to take into consideration the type of phone you have. Newer phones with damages and no warranty- such as the Iphone X will cost you roughly around approx $500 (give or take) depending on the severity of the damages. Now the great thing they are offering with their care package is the warranty and insurance. Which totals you to $99 per service or repair. Which frankly, that is not bad at all, as oppose to $500. It is like going to the doctor and paying a co-pay rather than the full amount.

What additional services are they offering?

Next, they offer the Apple Care Plus, as mentioned earlier, which comes with two incidents of accidental damage repairs. It is actually pretty cheap. Of course, if you managed to finish all your incident forgiveness. Then you would need to pay the appropriate amount, depending which package you have.

Water damage or battery repair? Apple Fix has a solution

Finally, whatever your circumstances are, AppleFix have a solution for it. Whether it is a problem with your battery, screen or water damage. While the brand, Apple is certain that they will do anything in their power to keep their customers happy and taken care of. With that being said, depending on the severity of the damage and how much money will be used to fix this, will affect the pricing of their services. So be sure to keep the warranty in mind and a reliable repair service like AppleFix handy.

Always make the smart choice!

To sum up, phones are expensive and fixing them are certainly pricier. Keep in mind you can get a bargain with their services, but the smart way. The warranty is a life-saver and the variety of services they offer is vast. AppleFix services are certainly a steal. So I will keep it up to you to choose your path and hopefully you choose wisely. The customer service is unbeatable and the company itself has been doing so well for themselves. Which means they will never let you down. Give it a try and go for it. When looking for iPhone Screen Repair in Hamilton, just visit applefix.co.nz.


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