Unmissable Signs That Your Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Unmissable Signs That Your Macbook Battery Needs Replacement

Whenever anyone shops for a laptop, notebook, good battery life is an important aspect, they gauge upon. A battery is a major component of a laptop. Batteries provide the ease to work in places without any power outlet. Hence to be able to take advantage of using your system wherever and whenever you should regularly inspect and maintain the battery to extend its life.

Laptops and notebooks like MacBook are an expensive investment and damage to the battery could result in completely shut down of the Macbook. Since not everyone has proficient knowledge in the field of specific batteries, make sure you hire a repair service providing the solution for Apple products. You can trust upon Applefix, Hamilton to get the best repair and replacement solution for your valuable Apple products, be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook.

Following are the issues that you might face with MacBook batteries and some tips on how you can prolong your Macbook battery life:


If your MacBook doesn’t charge at all or up to the capacity, chances are you have been keeping your Macbook either with a full battery or below 20 % batter for a prolonged period. Apple clearly states in its device handling instructions that leaving your device with 20% of charge or less for more than two days may take the same effect.

Another possible cause could be the malfunctioning adapter,


If your MacBook is displaying the battery notification ‘Replace soon or Replace now,’ either it has been severely physically damaged by an accidental blow or the battery has reached the end of its lifespan


If you have several applications that you are not present using, functioning in the background of your Macbook, it can significantly affect the battery’s life and reduce the overall performance of the system. Since the machine is working twice as much and ultimately the battery will drain twice as much.

Keep these tips in mind to prolong your MacBook’s battery life:

  • If you are not accessing any highly visual content, you should turn down the brightness of the system to improve your MacBook’s battery life. You can also increase the battery lifespan by clearing out applications that you no longer use or shut down unused apps.
  • Switch off the Bluetooth and wifi, when not in use and turn off the backlit keyboard to extend the battery life. Also, check under ‘Applications using significant energy’ and turn off the apps that you don’t intend to use.
  • Don’t keep a peripheral like a USB or compact disk always connected to the MacBook, since it can significantly affect the battery’s performance and the overall functioning of the system.

The minute the battery of your MacBook starts behaving abruptly, know that your system can shut down anytime soon. Immediately get it looked at by a professional Macbook or Apple device repair service like Apple fix, that will provide an optimum solution for all your Apple products issues. Our team of highly trained professionals is capable of repairing any Apple device, quickly at an affordable price. If need be, you can trust upon our replacement service to replace your Apple components with quality and original products. Feel free to reach out to us for any Apple device issue, today.


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