Tips To Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

Tips To Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

Tips To Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

The most sensitive of all the parts present in a mobile phone and specifically an iPhone is its screen and therefore, it should be taken care of properly. Although there are multiple cracked iPhone repair shops in Hamilton but protecting the screen is better instead of getting it repaired. Some of the real life tips and tricks that can work wonders for saving your iphone screen from getting cracked are mentioned in the below section of the blog.

Base makes the screen more vulnerable to crack
According to a test performed by some of our technicians, a mobile phone is more susceptible to get damaged from the screen area if it is dropped at either the front side or the backside. Also, dropping the mobile phone at its base has lesser chances of getting the screen damaged. Therefore, there is a very high possibility that your mobile screen could be saved if you nudge it on the ground facing the base of it. A simple reason behind this is the metal casing that is present at the base. It is believed that the metal casing can withstand some amounts of collision and therefore, ends up saving the screen of the mobile phone.

The height of the drop matters
The height from which the mobile is dropped is yet another factor deciding whether or not the mobile phone will be cracked or not. In most instances mobile phones when dropped from a height of one foot, does not cause any impact on the screen of the mobile phones. Greater number of mobile phone screen breaks off at the height of three feet. Therefore, keeping the mobile phones under a range of one feet is safe for both the screen as well as the mobile phone itself.

Using screen protectors and cases
A great way to protect your iphone screen from getting damaged is by using different types of screen protectors and creen skins that are available in the market or online.

There is an increased amount of choice when it comes to screen protecting cases and mats. Some major mobile screen protectors are described below: –

1. Bumper cases – they are the best for your iphone if you have a habit of dropping it more often. The quality of it being bumper makes it more resistant and therefore it protects the mobile phone screens to a great extent.

2. Basic screen protectors – These are the simple screen skins that are available to provide basic protection to your mobile phone screen. This will preferably protect your mobile phone screen from getting unnecessary scratches and marks, but can not protect its screen from cracking upon falling.

3. Screen protectors – You can get different types of screen protectors for your iphone depending upon your choice and usage. There are plenty of them available online and in the market.

Protecting your iPhone screen from breaking is anytime better than getting it repaired. Some of the above mentioned tips and equipment can be used for doing so. And if you already got your mobile phone screen cracked and are looking for cracked iPhone screen repair in Hamilton, then you can get it fixed from Apple Fix. It is a renowned website dedicated to repair mobile phones and laptops.


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