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macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

Most Professional Macbook Repair Center in Hamilton New Zealand

Macbook Repair Center In Hamilton New Zealand

From Simple software problem to chip level repair on macbook AppleFix Hamilton offer all repairs in store. Most Advance macbook repair lap in New Zealand.


The common services of the repairing centers from Hamilton are –

Battery Issues

As your Macbook ages, its batteries degrade. With quick battery replacement services, you can really enjoy many more productive hours of charge.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common repairs! The technicians only use authentic parts to ensure you the best experience.

Water Damage

The technicians of Hamilton repair water damage from inside on the device that ensures your device gets rid of the damage.

Software/Hardware Issues

Is MacBook not working as per your commands? Professional repairs ensure that your Macbook functions the way you want it to be.


Most Professional Macbook repairs in hamilton new zeland


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macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

macbook air

5 reasons why macbook air is still a great buy

10 years back macbook air was first introduced to the world and brought boom in a market. From that day onwards, apple never looked back and continued its successful streak of mac’s.

Macbook pro series is considered one of the best release of apple till the date. They are much thinner and powerful than the air. After that apple decided to stick with pro’s and end the updation of its most mainstream laptop “air”.

It was 2 years back when the the most latest version of macbook air came. After that, we have seen no sign of macbook air yet. Most of the people might be wondering why apple is still selling this obsolete laptop? But i think air is still worth buying even after 2 years of no updation.

Here look at 5 strong reasons why apple’s macbook air is still a great purchase for you :-

1. Cheapest mac
If you’re a apple fan and don’t have money to buy macbook pro then nothing could be the better choice than the macbook air. It is still the cheapest mac which is available in market in comparison to pro series. The price of smallest macbook starts at 1,299$. The average laptop apart mac series will cost you between 150$ to 650$. This means that macbook air is a affordable buy if somebody looking for a apple branded machine.

2. Longer battery life
No device of apple can provide longer battery life than the macbook air. The 13 inch device can last upto 14 hour with wifi running in background. On the other hand, apple claims that macbook pro battery can survive upto 10 hours and so. Which is 20-40 percent less than the macbook air.

3. Old usb ports
Most of the latest macbooks have c-type connector usb 3.0 port. This ports are actually very useful and will be a great use in future. But most of us still depends on the old one which is usb type-A connector. With this you don’t need to buy dongles, adaptors and all the owner of macbook air can easily connect to usb 3.0 port directly.

4. Card slot
If you’re a photographer or just a person who frequently transfer images from your regular camera then macbook air is quite useful as it has card slot at side. In new macbook pros, you will be needing a usb cable or a card reader to accomplish the same job. Ultimately card slot become a great choice.

5. Better keyboard
If typing comfort is your priority than macbook air have pretty comfortable keyboard than the new updated keyboard of pro. The keys of pro are snappy, updated butterfly version do not perform that good as macbook air do. Macbook air is little deep and responsive.

There are plenty of reasons for not buying macbook air but there are also several points that can pull your attention towards mac strongly. If battery, typing, image transferring is your concern than macbook air is a perfect choice. Moreover, the repairing cost of apple macbook air is less than the macbook pro’s.

Stay in touch with us for more blogs like this, contact us for one of the most affordable repair in town.

macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

Your macbook air lets you find everything and do anything. It’s best to keep it safe and running. If you are looking macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato for a fast and reliable service to get your Mac fixed, it might be time to bring your MacBook air to Applefix at 85A Victoria Street, Hamilton 3204. We have been fixing MacBooks for years. We do MacBook Pro, MacBook Air & iMac repair on a daily basis. The most common hardware repair required for your MacBook air screen/keyboard/Battery replacement, faulty hard drive etc, no worries we have all brand new spare parts in the stock, right tools and knowledge to repair it within approximate time frame. We have years of experience in IT industry with 95% success rate.

The following is a list of the typical MacBook Air Problems we fix:

  • MacBook air logic board repair

  • Front cracked glass replacement

  • LCD replacement

  • Keyboard/Mouse pad Replacement

  • RAM upgrade or replacement

  • Hard drive replacement or upgrade

  • MacBook battery replacement

  • Overheating/Data Recovery

  • Installing or Reinstall the OS

  • macbook water damage repair

macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

Sometimes, it does happen we are not sure what’s wrong with our macbook? For instance: its stop working suddenly while you’re using it or after turns off, you try to turn it on but it don’t? Does not hold the charge? Sound does not work? Display folder with equation mark? We will fix them all. Initially, we have to run diagnostic processor to diagnose the problem with your Macbook air. Occasionally, the diagnosis program can take many, many hours to complete, so you may need to book your Macbook in for a full assessment. Once we have done diagnostic your device, we will contact you to explain everything, so you can make an informed choice. We know sometimes the customer’s data is more important than device we guarantee you won’t lose any of your pictures, documents or files. You can find us on youtube 

Why choose an Apple Fix for macbook repair and service in hamilton waikato

  • Always use genuine Apple parts with warranty.
  • All technicians are Trained and Certified.
  • We are here with fully equipped workshop and one of the best shop in town.
  • We offer the same service as the Apple Store with trustworthy prices.
macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

macbook air repair and service in hamilton waikato

Any hardware or software problem with any of your macbook air bring it to us for a professional and cheaper fix. or call 078394188


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