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iphone rear camera not working camera ic replacement

iphone rear camera not working camera ic replacement Hamilton nz

iphone rear camera not working camera ic replacement hamilton nz

This blog is about if your iphone rear camera not working camera ic replacement hamilton nz at our lab in hamilton new zealand. This iphone sent us from one of our dealers they replaced with known working camera but still rear camera on this iphone failed to work.

After removing the logic board we find out the iphone is water damaged. Even though logic board gone through ultrasonic clean but still rear camera failed to initialized. From my experience  the moisture or liquid damaged formed and accumulated under the IC is hard to remove by ultrasonic clean. Further more is there is a hardware short it cant be removed by just ultrasonic clean. The IC has to be removed and replaced with new one.

iphone repair experts in hamilton new zeland

AppleFix hamilton are iphone repair specialist in new zealand. With state of art art iphone repair facility in store we can repair any hardware and software problem instore. Once iphone camera ic is removed it shows one of the pad under the ic was corroded. Iphone camera ic is one of the smallest ics on the iphone motherboard.

Watch iphone camera ic replacement full video below


After removing camera ic from the logicboard the pads were cleaned and tinted with solder paste so that they can make good connection with new ic. This sort of iphone logic board repair or iphone water damage repair requires soldering skills. If you have this kind of problem on your iphone front or rear camera is not working you can either bring it to 125 ward street hamilton new zealand. if you dont live in new zealand read send your device instruction here 

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