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iphone 7 dead repair after botched audio IC repair AppleFix Hamilton

iphone 7 dead repair after botched audio IC repair

iphone 7 dead repair after botched audio IC repair AppleFix Hamilton

We received this iphone from one of our dealers, the iphone was not turning on what we discovered that someone tried to fix the audio ic on this iphone and while doing that they damaged sdram 1.8Volt line.

We all know if RAM is missing from computer it will not turn on. Same is with iphone if No power to RAM is going it will not process the data and no communication between RAM, Storage NAND and processor and iphone will not turn on. Before we started looking into logicboard we tried to turn iphone on by DC power supply.

The reading from DC power supply can give crucial indications what might be wrong with iphone. Watch our previous videos to know hoe DC power supply reading give important information on where on the logicboard problem could be . Link to our youtube channel click here

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Physical inspection of the iphone 7 board we see flux lying around audio IC. Other than that board look fine. Checked the volts coming out from audio IC and figured out PP1V8 line is missing volts. Decided to remove the audio IC. Once the audio IC is removed find out 1.8Volt line pad on is missing. Also find out that they jumped wire audio codec line but the jum wire they used was thick. These type of audio IC repair jump diameter should be .01mm thicker than that ic might not sit or solder properly.

These type of iphone dead or logicboard repairs require knowledge and skills of reading schematic and board view and understanding of electronic components.

We replaced jump wire with 0.01mm and next we have to fix missing 1.8vold pad. Luckily we find the traces of the missing pad and used 0.02MM solder ball to make the pad.

iphone 7 dead repair after botched audio IC repair AppleFix Hamilton

Watch the full video on this repair below

After making the solder ball pad we checked the connectivity between pad and the next component attached to it by multimeter in connectivity mode.

Installed new audio IC and iphone bootup normally.

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