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Ipad pro 9.7 A1673 charging port & charging ic replacement

Ipad Pro 9.7 A1673 charging port & charging ic replacement

Ipad Pro 9.7 A1673 charging port & charging ic replacement

Ipad pro 9.7 A1673 charging port & charging ic replacement @Applefix Hamilton New Zealand. We have to check it before replacing that it’s a charging port or charging ic faulty. So, firstly we have to check the board diagram that how much voltage ipad need to charge and then check with multimeter. We got 3.8V rather than 5V which is not sufficient to charge the ipad.

We are not getting the right voltage so we first will replace the charging port and check it how it goes. Ipad Pro 9.7 A1673 charging port are micro soldering. If you have similar problems please bring your ipad at Applefix Hamilton.

How to remove and solder the new charging port on iPad Pro 9.7 A1673 ?

First thing what we will be doing is to tint the pads. Why we are tinting these pads so that we will bring the temperature down . It’s easy to melt them when we are taking it out. Then tint the pads. After that set the right temperature to remove the charging port. Please be patient while removing it don’t pull it hard. It will come out easily if you are using the right temperature.

Next thing what we will be doing is solder break so that we will clean the pads. Put isopropyl alcohol and clean it. Make sure there is no glue left and cleaned properly. Put the new charging port & some flex and solder it back.

Now we have to check it again how much voltage we are getting after replacing the charging port. We are getting the same voltage that is 3.8V. So there is no difference even after replacing it. Next step is to replace the u2 ic or charging ic (part no. 1610A3).

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How to replace the U2 ic 1610A3 ?

First, find out where the u2 ic is. Then, put some flex and set the right temperature to remove the u2 ic part no. A1610A3.  After removing the charging ic do solder break. Then put little bit of solder paste and clean with isopropyl alcohol. Before replacing it, cover the components near the charging ic. Put some flex and take out the new charging ic and set the right temperature and solder it. Give a proper clean after putting the new U2 ic.

After replacing the u2 ic, now check it again with multimeter how much voltage we are getting. Now are getting exact 5V that means u2 ic was faulty. We are getting the right voltage after replacing the charging ic.

If you are interested in learning these sorts of repair or you have any ipad which have charging port problem you can contact us.

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