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Macbook pro A1708 dead, Type C power IC replacement

Macbook pro A1708 dead, Type C power IC replacement new zealand

Macbook pro A1708 dead, Type C power IC replacement Hamilton New Zealand

Macbook pro A1708 no power Type C power IC repair @AppleFix New Zealand. These Macbook having problems, they just go dead. What’s wrong with it? There are different ways to check it. So, let’s start how to diagnose the problem. Macbook pro A1708 dead, Type C power IC replacement.

How we will diagnose the problem?

The best way to get an idea what could be wrong with newer type Macbook which have Type C dc jack. Firstly, we have to check with type C amp meter, it was showing only 5V output but the right output is 19V . That means there is something wrong with it.

Secondly, we have to check Type C power management IC U3200 with Multimeter which is located near the type C dc jack. You can see clearly in our YouTube video.


We have to put the multimeter in continuity mode. Then we will check the capacitors one which is on the ground and one is on the line. We are getting beep on two capacitors which is not right. Check where these capacitors were attached. The Type C Power ic U3200 is directly attached to the U2890. If PP3V3 line is shorted which is coming from U3200 that’s why we don’t get any power.

After that we will check Type C power Ic U3200 under the microscope, we can clearly see there is a burnt mark or we can say hole on u3200.

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How we will remove and replace the Type C power management IC U3200?

To remove the ic and put new one, these type of repair involve micro soldering skills. Before replacing the ic we will remove the heat sink. Then we will cover other components with heat resist tape and put some flex and set the right temperature so it will come out easily.

After removing the power IC U3200 clean the excessive solder with flat tip soldering iron and isopropyl alcohol. Before putting the new ic put some flex, set the right orientation and temperature after that put the new power ic U3200.

After replacing the ic we will check the board again with Type C amp meter, now we are getting 19V and 3A. We got the display after replacing the power

management ic u3200.

Macbook pro A1708 dead, Type C power IC replacement Hamilton New Zealand

If you are interesting in learning these sorts of repair or if you have any macbook which have no display you can contact us.

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macbook pro 2018

Pros and cons of new macbook pro 2018

Apple has its own unique way of upgrading the technology, macbook pro series is considered one of the best computer technology of this global market. We have seen how macbook pro series have become superior over the few years.

This year, apple finally came up with something new that one may be not expecting this much sooner. Apple macbook pro with “touch bar” is lot more stylish and handy in compare to previous versions of apple macbook.

From last 4 to 5 years we have not seen any new changes in the macbook series. Finally apple decided to give their users something new, which they are going to cherish for long period of time.

If you’re thinking to switch or looking for an upgrade then this article is a must read for all you.

Take a look at few pros and cons of macbook pro before you make a purchase :-


Handy touchbar
Most of you are probably not happy with having no “f” keys at top but the touch will make things more easier for you even without it. Now, you can control brightness, volume, music, apps from the bar very easily. Moreover, you have option to add f keys in touchbar whenever you feel the need of it.

Brighter & colorful display
The new apple macbook pro display is astonishing and looks pleasing to eyes. The colors are amazingly great which will enhance your high definition movies experience tremendously. Moreover, the display brightness is accurately meeting the normal human eye requirement on point.

Faster processor
Time to say goodbye to those long spinning wheels that makes you impatient and frustrated all the time. Now, it is time to say hello to much faster & smoother processor that is going to increase the productivity drastically. with bigger storage option and faster processing speed, you can now use heavy softwares smoothly.

Sleek design
I have always liked the way apple designed their macbook’s right from the beginning. Last 2-3 macbooks have not changed much but this time they designed screen lot much thinner. It is like a paper attached with a typewriter.

Needs to be gentle & careful
As i mentioned above, the new macbook pro screen is thin which means you need to be very much careful when you flap the screen. You can’t just hand over the macbook to someone without letting them know that it’s really sensitive and you must be careful with that everytime when you open it.

No “escape”
Yes, now you don’t have option to press the button escape in seconds and get rid of all those irritating apps and website quickly. However, you can add escape key into touch bar but it is not going to be that much smoother especially in a case of ESC tab.

Expensive device
Macbook pro is so expensive that it can almost give you a heart attack if it gets damaged or harmed. 2000$ macbook can leave you broke if not managed well.

Bottom line
Macbook pro is a great device but needs to be maintained well in order to avoid the damage expense. Apple macbook repair is not much expensive if you hand over the job in the right hands. Apple fix has experts that will make your macbook same as it brought from the showroom. Contact us for one of the best apple macbook repair in hamilton.


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