Slow MacBook? 4 Ways To Make It Work Faster


Slow MacBook? 4 Ways To Make It Work Faster

Is your MacBook running slow? Well, Apple makes great computers but no matter how much you love your Mac, there is a chance it isn’t performing the same way it used to. You would have felt joy like no other when working on your Mac, typing out long documents, streaming YouTube clips and clicking around new applications with no loss of speed. But my friend, time takes a toll on every computer and now your Mac isn’t able to do what it used to!

However, a bit of professional tinkering can make your computer work as good as the day you bought it. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to bring your Mac back up to speed.

1. Clean Your Computer Parts

Does your computer makes so much noise that people can’t work around you? Does it feel too hot to touch and be close to? If this is the case, then the insides of your MacBook needs a bit of cleaning. Noisy and hot computers are usually a sign that the hard drives and fans are working overtime and extra hard. The reason could be that dirt and dust are clogging its parts.

Like any well oiled machine, a well cleaned computer will run smoothly as it doesn’t have to work through any dirty or clogging conditions. Cleaning may not speed up your computer but it is essential to maintain the health of your computer and for other things like Hard Drives and RAM to last longer.

2. Upgrade the Hard Drive

RAM is the short memory of your computer that remembers every application you open and juggle the tasks. Computer that have more RAM are basically better jugglers and are better able to toss around multiple applications. When it comes to the slowing of computer on opening multiple applications, getting more Ram is the appropriate solution.

3. Clean the Digital Clutter

If the hard drive of your computer is full, this means it has to do extra work to access the things the computer needs. The best solution is to either reformatting the hard drive or simply clean out the old files. It is one of the quickest solution that will speed up your MacBook. You have to make sure that your computer has about 20% of free space available for any swap files. This way your computer has lots of space to move things around and to work efficiently. But before you try this, have at least two backups ready, for just in case!

4. Upgrade Your Ram

It takes a lot of hard work on Hard Drive’s part to access the files and save them. Hard disk drive or HDD is the popular MacBook drive that have tiny moving parts. You can hear these parts spin and making sound, if listened carefully. But, it is not  a good thing, actually this spinning and whizzing around is a sign that the parts are wearing off and eventually would stop working completely. In case the things are slowing down drastically, then your hard drive is falling.

As the mechanical hard drives starts falling, it slows down greatly. So, it is high time that you take backup of your MacBook and bring it to a professional. Repairing experts can help you find out the problem, its origin and the best solution for the same without making you lose your data.

Get Professional Help
Most people prefer going to a professional repair shop to get their MacBook fixed as it is the safer option that comes with warranty. So, if your MacBook screen needs repair or if it runs slow, have software problem or any number of issues, contact us and we will make it as good as new!


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