All you need to know about Ipad AIR 2

All you need to know about Ipad AIR 2

Ipad air 2 till the date remains favourite of every user or lover of apple due to features it provides in so less amount. It runs on ios 11 and in demand by customers although, apple wanted to sell out ipad pro of 2017 as it is the new launch of their brand.
Apple has this tendency and aim from starting to provide users a device which should be better in terms of performance and processor. They do not believe in adding too much in device, as their usp has always been keeping the device simple and fast.
Due to smooth running and faster processor people prefer to go for apple over any other brand. So, every time when apple device come in market the expectation of change should be minimum as the performance will get improved, faster, smoother but major change will not come up soon.
Ipad air 2 has variety of features to offer which almost consist of everything one may be needing to perform daily chores.

Here is everything you need to know about apple’s most favourite device Ipad air 2:

Retina display
Finally, the third eye generation introduced the concept of retina display. The motive behind going towards retina display is that the pixels are so small at the average distance that individual pixels can’t be distinguished. It is more or less new way of seeing display to provide clearer view of screen.

Detecting display touches
The display is capable of detecting and processing different kind of touches on screen. It is capable of detecting difference between multi touch and single touch on display. Also it can sense swiping on screen which means it acts on the basis of your actions.

Dual facing cameras
Ipad air 2 introduced both back and front camera which is specifically designed for facetime video call or conferencing. The back camera is upgraded from 5MP to 8MP which is capable of recording 1080p quality videos.

Bluetooth 4.0
Obviously, bluetooth allow us to deliver and receive data from one device to another. The bluetooth in iphone and ipod give us option to listen music in headphones and speakers. The ipad air 2 has faster bluetooth connectivity which make transfer whole lot smoother and uninterrupted.

Dual microphones
Same like iphone, ipad has two microphones the second microphone in ipad is use to keep the “crowd noise” out. It is very handy when you are using facetime in middle of travel or using ipad as phone.

Battery life
Apple has claimed that ipad battery life is upto 10 hours which is a pretty good amount of time the device last. It still depends upon how you use it and for what purpose you are using the ipad. Watching a video using 4g connection definitely consume more power than reading books or document in the same.

Apple has built its reputation over the years by delivering top notch quality products to market. It has loyal fan base and customers who trust apple products blindly. The great quality comes with great price also which make this brand not a easy buy for everyone.

Neither, everyone can upgrade product after each period of time. So, this is how apple Ipad air 2 becomes little favourable for those who is looking to buy the brand in bit low amount . the product consist of all the features which device should have.

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