MacBook users, let’s accept it, we can’t function well without our laptop. But maintaining them is a hassle and more often than not we tend to be a little careless every now and then. Before you know it, your mac screen is broken. That translates to heavy repair costs and getting your laptop back after weeks. On the top of it, it’s not easy to find reliable repair services.

Applefix provides you a cost-effective and fast MacBook and MacBook Pro screen repair service in Hamilton. We make sure your system runs as it should by fixing even the most complex of problems in your Apple device.

But how to know when your system needs repair? Here are some fairly visible signs your MacBook Pro needs help :


Discharging Too Soon

While it can be a sign of wear and tear, if your MacBook Pro is relatively new, this could be a problem. Battery discharging too quickly or the system not turning on without the charger can be directing towards battery damage. However, before going to a repair center, check the charge cycles of your battery. Go to system information and look for battery information under it to see the battery cycle count. If it’s too close to the maximum number (Apple Instructions), it’s probably time to get a new battery. If not, bring it to Applefix.

Pixel Anomalies

It’s not too uncommon, but still, a serious sign of damage in the screen if your MacBook Pro is facing any pixel anomalies like frozen or dead pixels. A major patch or line of frozen pixels can even hinder your work on the laptop. In such a case, trying to do a professional’s job at home can prove to be expensive. Bring your system to us and get a free quote for screen replacement.

Not So Familiar Noises

MacBook users know that their system is a silent worker and doesn’t make much sound. However, in case of overheating the cooling system of your Mac may make some sounds. But if it’s happening too frequently, chances are, there’s a problem with your Mac’s internal system. It can be a sign of a serious internal hardware damage. It is advisable you not avoid it and let a professional take a look.

Software Crash

Again, this could be a sign of wear and tear. Notice if there is a pattern to such crashes. If a particular action or program is causing this crash, it may be the program that’s faulty and not your system. If not, frequent software crash or freezing could be a symptom of several serious issues like corrupted NVRAM or internal hardware damage. Send in your Mac to us and we’ll help your device run smoothly as it should.

Catching early signs of damage in your MacBook Pro can save you a lot of money as well as time. If you see any of the above or other signs of malfunction or damage in your system, send your precious device to us and our experts will work with you to find the best solution to make your device function properly in the most cost-efficient way.

With our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, we provide the most reliable repair services around Hamilton.

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