Macbook vs windows : which one to buy?

Macbook vs windows

Macbook vs windows : which one to buy?

Macbook and windows is always been a talk of town, mac’s and pc’s has been locked in an battle for past several years. We have seen rare cases where mac users switched to windows or vice versa. The reputation which is built by both the brands is commendable.
The debate is already stretched too much that one still cannot stop talking about these two. Apple always known for its design and smooth performance. On the other side, window pc’s focus towards bringing innovative changes to device.
Iam going to discuss some of the key points that will help you to make a better decision between the two.

Apple trust its design
Apple spends year of hard work and produce one of the best looking mac pc’s in market. They do not look beautiful from outside but they do look attractive from inside as well.

Window pc’s are also catching up and delivered microsoft surface pro 4 which was appreciated by the critics for its innovative design all over the globe. Other manufacturer of window pc ‘s are also leveling up their game in context to design.

Macbook’s are expensive
Apple mac’s are expensive than the window pc’s, they can cost you around 1000$ for its most cheapest device which is macbook air currently. On the other hand, the most cheapest window device cost is 150$ in comparison to macbook. You can get the same or better configuration of mac in windows pc for much less amount of money.

Windows is the best for gamers
One of the prior reason of gamers to choose windows over macbook is that windows pc are customizable. The standard of games are going higher and higher each new day, if you’re kind of a person who love to play games then nothing could be more better than windows pc. You can upgrade the hardware, software, graphic card, whenever you wish to. While, macbook’s are not flexible or vulnerable to customization.

Windows is more vulnerable to threat and viruses
There are very less amount of mac’s in market as compare to windows pc. Apple do not give hackers a wide platform to attack. Windows on the other hand has huge productivity which ultimately make windows a easy target for the hackers.
Still, you can’t just claim that mac is completely secured and windows is not. Last year, we have seen huge number of virus surfacing on mac software. Still, apple has been considered better in protection than windows.

Windows offer more options
Apple don’t have much of variety when it comes to macbook while on the other hand windows having huge number of options. If you’re looking for a touch screen laptop then windows has all kind of ranges as per your budget. Last year, mac came up with its touch bar feature which is perceived as a impressive technology by critics.

End conclusion
Both of these technology used for achieving different objectives, you can’t expect to get all in one. Mac is more of a professional computer that works on point where windows believe in making a whole packed laptop to give their customer at least a bit from every corner. Range might be an issue in macbook because you don’t have much options or a little cheaper version for the same. Windows has range from low to high for everyone who can’t afford a 1000$ purchase.

If you’re thinking to switch from windows to macbook then i like to advise you that it is not expensive to maintain but costly in purchase. Apple macbook repair cost is almost same as windows.

Those who are thinking to switch from macbook to windows, you might feel little difficulty in adjusting with windows interface. Still, it offers wide services than macbook which you may love.


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