MacBook logic board repair

macbook logic board repair

MacBook logic board repair

MacBook logic board repair Hamilton

From MacBook lcd repair to MacBook logic board repair in Hamilton AppleFix is best MacBook repair shop. Recently we have fixed few MacBook logic board with power fuse blown as there was power/electric fluctuation in Hamilton area. if you have MacBook which does not turn on it could be power fuse which is blown and yes we at applefix we can fix.

MacBook logic board components

There are lot of other small components on the logic board which could be faulty beside power fuse, like Resistors, capacitors, Inductor, Transistors. each of these components has different functionality and there is different procedure to check each component. We at Applefix 85/a Victoria street Hamilton can repair any component on MacBook logic board.

Should you try DIY on MacBook logic board

A big NO. For component level repair you should not try to repair yourself as most likely you will ruin / damage the logic board and then it might not be repair able. but if you are enthusiastic learning MacBook logic board repair you have to learn or get a degree in electronics or may be basics of electronics like how small components of the logic board work what their functionality is and the way to check components if they are faulty and finally replacing the components which involve soldering techniques .

AppleFix Hamilton is only MacBook repair shop in Hamilton with fully equipped workshop to carry out any kind of hardware or software repair on any apple product. If you have MacBook and you are looking for a reliable repair shop bring it to us and we will fix it for you.

Below picture is MacBook retina logic board which was liquid damage and few power fuses were blown and was replaced successfully and another successful repair done at applefix


macbook logic board repair

MacBook logic board repair

macbook logic board repair hamilton

MacBook logic board repair hamilton


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