macbook fan turns on and off no display fix

macbook fan turns on and off no display fix

macbook fan turns on and off no display fix AppleFix Hamilton NZ

This is very common problem macbook fan turns on and off no display fix we do at applefix hamilton New Zealand. AppleFix New Zealand are specialized in macbook logicboard repair in New Zealand.

This macbook which we worked on when it is connected to power supply the fan turns on for few seconds and then stops. No turning on chime and no display. On DC power supply it is showing going up to 400 mili amps and drop down to 15 MA this is not normal and there must be a faulty component on the logicboard.

Macbook repairs in Hamilton New Zealand

First thing we normally do is to check logicboard under microscope if we could find any burnt component. We found bit of moisture damage around U7600 which is 1.5S0 power supply. On one of the 1.5V line around u7600 voltage were missing removed the one of the capacitor and tested again but same problem no 1.5 volts.

Finally decided to replace BIOS chip because we seen moisture damage around it.

Watch Full repair video here

macbook fan turns on and off no display fix removed bios chip and solder new one and finally macbook turns on. If you having any problem with your macbook air or macbook pro bring it to applefix 125 ward street hamilton new zealand or call 078394111 for a professional macbook repair center.

If you live out of hamilton you cam mail in your device read info here 

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