iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand

iphone xs max broken screen repair

iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand

iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand

Highly skilled and professional iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilton new zealand at applefix hamilton 125 ward street hamilton. Iphone xs max broken screen repair is quite easy and it is recommended for DIY repair.

If you are into DIY repairs and want to save money on iphone xs max screen repair you will only need few tools. The list of tools you will need to replace iphone xs max screen are listed below.

P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver , Plastic opener spudger, tweezers, heat gun and tri point Y000 screw driver. And of-course a new iphone xs max lcd.

First of all use P2 Pentalobe screw driver to remove lcd screws from the bottom part of the lcd screen. Once both screws are removed. You can use heat gun to soften the lcd frame adhesive say about 100 degree centigrade. Once you feel with your fingers that lcd edges are hot enough then use plastic spudger to pull the lcd screen from the bottom part.

Iphone xs max lcd cables and front camera cables are located on the right hand side if you holding the iphone xs max toward you. Gently pull the lcd starting from bottom and move along left and right and finally opening it from left like a door.

You will see metal sheet with 4 Y000 tri screws holding the lcd connectors and one more metal plate or metal bracket holding lcd and battery connector. Once all of these screw are removed you have to disconnect the battery. After disconnecting the battery. disconnect all other fpc connectors with metal spudget.

be very careful taking out front camera assembly cable it is glued with other cables and it this is broken your face id will not work even if you use new cable.

iphone xs max screen replacement in hamilron new zealand

iphone x and xs max front camera face id problem and fix you can watch out youtube video here.

If you have broken lcd on your iphone xs max and you think DIY repair is not a good idea for you to fix it yourself then you can bring in to out store AppleFix Or call us 078394188 or send us an email for a free quote.

So lets finsh our repair on iphone xs max. Once screen is disassembled. Test new lcd if it is working fine. Remove front camera assembly from broken screen and install it on new lcd. rest of the process to put screws on metal bracket should be easy and you are done.

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