Iphone x : tips and tricks

iPhone x tips and tricks

Iphone x : tips and tricks

The biggest smartphone of the year iphone x is finally here, but not in a form we all expected. Apple, ditched home button and touch id with its latest device. still, the phone is quite desirable for everyone out there especially, for those who just love apple to their core.

The incredible portrait camera and plus sized screen is just commendable and appreciable. The replacement of touch id with face recognition is a great upgrade and a step forward towards advancement by apple.

Iphone x is different from what you are used to, the things are lot different and unique in context to handling of the phone.

To make things little easier, here are few tips & tricks to speed up things with your new phone :-

Take screenshots

Change in design resulted in complete elimination of home button in iphone. That means now, you just can’t simply take screenshot by pressing home button and volume button together. In order to take screenshot in iphone x, you need to press the side button which was power button in earlier versions. With volume up together to click the screenshot.

Wake the screen

Earlier, pressing home button tends to wake the screen of iphone. Now, you can wake the screen by tapping anywhere on iphone oled display and see the notifications of messages and other apps. Unlike touch id, you can now also look at iphone locked screen without it.

Access control centre
Now accessing control centre is much more more easier than it was. You can simply swipe down from top right hand of the screen from battery icon easily.

Activate siri

Now you have option to access siri without using voice command. Just long press on the side button would do the job and make siri available at your service.

Quick use of flashlight

Rather than swiping down to control centre in order to access flashlight. You can now make a good use of 3d touch in iphone x by simply giving long press to flashlight icon on locked screen. A long press can turn on and turn off the flashlight quickly.

Force restart

If in case, your iphone is frozen then you can force restart the iphone. quickly press and release volume up button. Then, quickly press and release volume down button. At last, press and hold power button until you see the apple logo.

Reach to camera instantly

Still, there is an option to open camera app by swiping from left to right. Although, there is an another way through which you can access camera in iphone x. Same like flashlight, you can 3d touch on camera icon to click a picture instantly in seconds.

See battery percentage

Iphone x do not show the percentage of battery left in device. It just display how much battery is full or not. In order to see the percentage, swipe down to access the control panel from top right of the screen as it will make percentage appear. If you again swipe up it will get disappear same time recognition and etc.

The smartphone is not as complicated you think instead apple made things lot quicker and easier for the users. You just need to acquire information about the features in order to take out the best. The phone is very much handy and user friendly as compared to previous versions. Price may act as a barrier for some as it is not easy to spend 1000$ on device for everyone.

The new iphone x is dust and water resistant, have potrait camera mode, face id

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