Iphone 7 plus vs iphone 8 plus : how it is different

iphone 8 plus

Iphone 7 plus vs iphone 8 plus : how it is different

Apple launched three iphone’s this year in which iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus suppose to get attention but, iphone x definitely captured eyes of people all over the globe who do not even have a hint about what is coming up to them on apple anniversary launch.

After iphone 7 and 7 plus people were expecting to see more of 7 series with “s” but apple replaced it by iphone 8 series. The stakes are always high when it comes to apple launch same it goes for iphone 8 plus.

When you are spending heavy amount of money on super smartphones like apple then you need to be very careful about where you are investing the money.

Upgradation becomes necessary nowadays due to rapid advancement of technology. Still, it is essential to gain information about the device before putting your hands on it.

If you are already a user of iphone 7 plus and thinking to upgrade by jumping towards iphone 8 plus then this article is must read for all of you.

Also, critical for those who are going to spend money directly on iphone 8 plus this year.

Design & size

Few people was not happy with iphone 7 size which is quite bigger. The iphone 8 plus on the other hand is little taller, wider and heavier than what you are used to.

The reason of being iphone 8 plus heavier is “glass back”. Since 2011, after iphone 4s apple do not kept the back with glass instead used aluminium in all the devices. Now, the motive behind replacing it with glass is wireless charging. If you are not a fan of wireless charging then may be iphone 7 plus is still perfect choice for you.


Iphone 8 plus retaining the key feature of iphone 7 plus : water and dust resistance ( upto 1 meter for 30 mins under water). In addition to this, iphone 8 plus has 25 percent louder external speaker than iphone 7 plus.


The biggest boost in iphone 8 plus is its processor performance which make it shines in contrast to iphone 7 plus.

Iphone 8 plus – Apple A11 Bionic chipset: Six Core CPU, Six Core GPU, M11 motion coprocessor, 3GB RAM

Iphone 7 plus – Apple A10 Fusion chipset: Quad Core CPU, Six Core GPU, M10 motion coprocessor, 3GB RAM

Apple claims that iphone 8 plus is 70% faster multi-tasking than iphone 7 plus. 30% faster graphics and 70% faster than the iphone 7 plus in low power mode which ultimately makes iphone 8 plus CPU performance 25% faster to iphone 7 plus.


Most of you are probably looking forward to iphone 8 plus camera and why not? that’s what apple is know for right?. Last year google has taken the crown for consisting best camera and still holds it as per the experts study.

If you compare iphone 7 plus and 8plus camera specifications then they are almost similar. Still, how you can expect improved image and video quality?

That’s where A11 bionic chip play its role. according to apple, iphone 8 plus camera is major step ahead from iphone 7 plus as apple dedicated A11 bionic steps is capable of delivering quality low light autofocus, better noise reduction and improve pixel processing.

Still, the quality of iphone x camera yet to be seen in order to compare with other brand devices.


Battery life of apple iphone’s has always been efficient and long lasting. With iphone 8 plus apple finally caught up with wireless charging as well as made charging lot more faster and easier. Even with the faster A11 bionic chip, apple delivering upto 50% charging in just 30 mins. The battery will last at least 9 hours as per the apple experts.

Bottom line

Choice still remains on your side about what you want to go for.  in context to upgradation apple has made bit changes in iphone 8 plus. Still, the biggest factor will be its processor “A11 chip” that will prove to be a game changer this year.

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