How ipad is different from iphone


How ipad is different from iphone

People often get confused and ask questions like why apple is still manufacturing ipad when iphone is already doing great in a market. I have seen people who believe ipad is just a bigger version of iphone. In actual, it is not true at all! I agree both devices run on ios software and manufactured by same brand apple but it doesn’t signify that ipad and iphone is the same device of different shape.
Ipad released after 3 years of iphone stability in the global market. The last 10 years has changed the technology completely. Apple is selling much better and advanced iphone’s that ultimately creating more doubts in the mind of audience.

In this article, i’m going to give you the most detailed difference between these two devices which will help you to understand ipad use precisely :-

What ipad can do?
There are tons of function in ipad through which hundred of task can be accomplished. Ipad has some exciting features which none other device could able to provide. Obviously, it is bigger in size which make easier for all of us to watch and stream videos in it. The resolution of ipad is unbelievable that gives the feeling of a small theatre when watching movie in it.
Moreover, when you buy apple ipad you have access to more than 20,000 of apps which are available on app store. Most of you probably not aware about the fact that there are some apps which are specifically designed for ipad and not available for iphone. Still, the apps which are made for iphone is available for ipad also.
Gaming experience get enhanced when you have bigger screen to play on. Kids love to play virtual games on ipad, the games for ipad are of better graphics and quality than iphone. Also, you have higher resolution device to enjoy the graphics to its most.

How it is different from iphone?
Not just in terms of usage, it is quite advance in context to technicality also. The processor of ipad is better and faster in performance. It will give you much smoother experience when you will use the device. Resolution is another aspect in which iphone and ipad varies with huge difference. Other than that, camera quality of ipad is exceptional. you can record videos in 1080p quality even in 4k if you purchase upper version of the ipad.

Why to purchase?
It is great to have a ipad at home as the device is capable of everything that one may require in his daily routine life. It has some great features like multi window to work on two different apps together. There are two versions that are available, one in which internet run on wifi other in which you can get a package sim card through which you can access internet anywhere on device.
There is one more reason to buy ipad, the device is lot more cheaper than iphone and you will get two devices in one (iphone and laptop). Ipad repairing and maintenance cost is also very much affordable this give you one more reason to purchase ipad for yourself.

Currently, apple is one of the top brands of market on which people trust and rely on their product. Iphone is a great technology as both the ipad and iphone is of same brand. You can enjoy the benefits of both the devices if you have budget to buy the both or either can go for one as per your requirement and usage.


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