Improve Your MACBOOK Safety With These 4 Expert Tips

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Improve Your MACBOOK Safety With These 4 Expert Tips

The Mac Book is a very unique little piece of equipment that has several different features and perks that a lot of other devices don’t have. People use it in their everyday activities, whether it be work, school, or perhaps just personal enjoyment. As good as the device may be, it’s got it’s downfalls too. It’s extremely vulnerable to hackers and thieves and can easily be stripped of data.

Although we seem to overlook it, security and privacy are essential for all Mac users. Hacking is real, and it is very likely to happen to you if you aren’t careful.


On a good note, have no fear, macOS makes it easy for you to make sure your data is secure. There are several ways to secure your mac through a number of tools in the System Preferences, Safari, and other apps.

What Makes It Vulnerable?

There are 3 different places that make you vulnerable to hackers – email, internet, and anyone with direct access to your Mac. Take some time out and get some good protection so you will at least limit the risk of being hacked, if nothing else.

How Apple Tackles This

When it comes to the first step in ensuring Mac security, it was always suggested to make sure your system is always updated, but hackers found a way around any kind of system updates.

Luckily, Apple has several different methods to protect yourself from threats.

No.1 – Activate Firewall

Go to the System Preferences, click on the turn on Firewall label, then your going to click on the enable stealth mode. What the Firewall does is stop unwanted incoming traffic to your Mac, but unfortunately is still not protected from malware, but there are some third-party apps that can come in handy.

No.2 – Powerful Password

Securing a strong password for your device makes the device that much more protected. For example, let’s just say you lost the device or it got stolen, there would be no way to access your data and personal information. Be sure to make your password unique and easy to remember.

No.3 – Use a Case

It’s pretty obvious that one drop can cause a great deal of damage, even though the device may still work more than likely the screen will be cracked which will make it difficult to see the display. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure to buy a good quality case for your device. It comes in handy. It improves your handle on the device and protects it from damage if ever dropped. For good quality covers check online.

No.4 – Backup Files

This is a tip that everyone with a smart device should utilize. Anything can happen, you never know. Things get stolen, accidents occur, it’s in your best interest to play it safe and make sure you constantly backup your data and personal info. Also get into the habit of updating your device When backing up files it’s deemed best to backup to another device.

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