How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your iPod Touch

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your iPod Touch

In the middle of your favorite movie, your iPod suddenly start showing the battery is in critical condition, worst feeling ever! Right? We all are careless when it comes to properly conduct our devices, and that leads to several problems in equipment. One of them is early battery failure in your iPod touch. Although, the battery life of your iPod touch depends on several aspects such as what type of the function your iPod is currently up to. We at AppleFix in Hamilton offer you fast and affordable repair solution for iPhones, iPads, iPods and many more. We specialize in repairing any damage right from iPod touch screen repair to MacBook motherboard repair. Give us a call for a further consultation.

If you are done with your search and still not able to get a reliable Apple repair store, AppleFix can be the trustworthy option for you.our each technician is trained and certified to ensure the prolong and quality repair. However, we not only give quality repair to your Apple devices, but we also help you with our useful guide to improve the utility of your device. Let’s take a look on how you can improve the battery life of your iPod touch.  


  • Disable background app update

Does your iPod consist of a lot more apps? Does it keep updating automatically? Well, this can be one of the reasons for early battery consumption. Some apps might consume less battery, or some heavy apps might be responsible for battery draining. So, it is important that you disable the background app update when your battery is in critical condition. You can try installing or downloading the app once your battery percentage is high.

  • Don’t let your battery reach zero percent.

Most iPod touch owner will agree with the fact that they keep using their device until the battery gets dead. This is one of the prominent signs of early battery failure. Although you will charge it soon, it will show some damage sign such as slow charging, dysfunction and many more. So, do not use your iPod to the higher extent when you know the battery is going to be dead.

  • Keep brightness low

Another aspect that sucks up the battery is keeping the brightness of the iPod on.  The energy to light up the screen is something that is unavoidable yet balancing the brightness can save the battery to a greater extent. Some iPod owners have the habit of navigating the apps in high brightness and often face early battery consumption. So, it advisable to avoid such a habit to prevent inconvenience.

  • Keep unused apps close

Another main problem of iPod owners that they keep the apps on in the background that becomes one of the problems of early battery drainage. If you are one of them, then start avoiding such habit to ensure the durability of battery life.

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