Your guide to Find My iPhone – A Comprehensive guide to using “Find My iPhone App

My Iphone App

Your guide to Find My iPhone – A Comprehensive guide to using “Find My iPhone App

The ‘Find My iPhone’ app search method:

There is nothing more disheartening than your phone falling down. It does feel terrible because one has invested a huge amount already and if the screen cracks by falling, the hole in your pocket seems to grow bigger. No one like such a scenario, do we? No, right?

iPhone, apart from their breath-taking design and build quality are not-so-cheap and owning one is a luxury (no exaggeration). To lose an iPhone is good enough to send shivers down your spine and a nice hit to both your heart and wallet. But wait; even in case you lose it, it’s not the end of the world (no kidding). Similar to the iPhone cracked screen repairing techniques, iPhone finding and locating solutions are also available and this is going to be your guide to finding your iPhone (just in case you did that huge mistake.)

There are numerous ways to locate your lost or stolen iPhone and one of the best ways is to not lose it. Apple offers you an app to help you locate, retrieve and in the worst case scenario delete your personal data from the phone if it becomes next to impossible to find it.

The ‘Find My iPhone’ app from Apple allows the user to locate his/her iPhone from virtually anywhere as long as the phone has an active internet connection. The app tracks your phone from virtually anywhere, while all you need to do is login to your iCloud account from your computer and click on ‘Find iPhone’ in the main menu.

My Iphone App

The next step would be clicking on ‘All Devices’ and selecting the name of your device. The app traces your device and indicates its location on a map that allows you to zoom in or out to pinpoint its location.

The best part about the app is that it offers three different options to help you retrieve your phone, though the last one doesn’t actually let you do so but keep your data safe from falling into wrong hands.

The modes that the application offers are:

1) Play Sound- This mode is effective in case you lose your iPhone in the vicinity of your house or workplace. It plays an audible tone even if your phone is on silent or vibration. This does not work if your phone is switched off.

2) Lost Mode- This mode asks you to enter a number that would then be displayed on the device’s screen and could be used to contact you if someone finds it. It also plays a tone just like in the above mode to draw attention towards it.

3) Erase- It involves erasure of all your data from your iPhone and is usually the last resort that one would take when there is almost no chance of retrieving it.

So if you lose your iPhone, there is no need to panic. Instead, you can follow these measures and try to locate it. In scenarios where it is not recoverable, you can proceed to erase the data stored on your phone so that your data can’t be misused if it goes into wrong hands. If you find your phone and there is any trouble with the functioning, you can always take it to the Iphone Cracked Screen Repair shop and get it repaired. Get in touch with us to know more about iphone services we provide.


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