How to fix iphone’s black screen of death

How to fix iphone’s black screen of death

Iphone users are probably familiar with the common issue of iphone’s black screen of death. This problem can make your usage quite difficult as you can’t access the phone in any way possible.

You can able to hear the ring but can’t pick up because of no visibility on screen. There are few reasons due to which an individual can face this issue in its iphone.

There are few possible reasons due to which it happens One possible reason could be hardware damage. It can be due to drop or water damage, it can also cause by software issue which can be caused by firmware modifications that didn’t went as planned.

Most of you may be facing this issue from long time or probably wondering how to get rid of this problem in order to make iphone same as it was.

Here are few solutions to the problem that i want you to know whenever facing one like this :-

Force restart your iphone

The very first thing to do whenever this situation arrive is that hard restart the phone by following these simple step

1. press and hold home button and wake button together

2. Keep pressing both of these keys until the logo appears on screen

3. If hard reset fails, then go for restoring iphone through itunes

How to restore through itunes

As i mentioned above. Second method is restoring iphone through itunes here’s how you can do it :

Step 1: download and open the latest version of itunes in your computer

Step 2 : connect your iphone with computer

Step 3: as soon as it detects your iphone. Go to summary and click on restore iphone

Step 4: confirm the “restore” option when notification pop up

Step 5: iphone will begin erasing your phone and start  installing new software

Iphone will get restart as quick as itune install new software in your smartphone

Fix without data loss

There are several other ways through which you can get it done. It is not possible every time to fix the phone with force restart option. If the situation comes where you needed to restore the phone through itunes and you don’t want to erase the data as you have no backup. Then, there are various of softwares available to do the job on internet get licensed one and activate your device.

If the issue seems major and you feel that it can’t get resolved by your own then take it to expert immediately before you make it bigger. The experienced and skillful hands always get the job done perfectly and make device new.

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