How to Fix 4 Most Common Macbook Problems

macbook problems

How to Fix 4 Most Common Macbook Problems

Apple has ruled the market from a long time. Love for the apple products is not new among its users. Macbook is one of the most revolutionary products by Apple in terms of performance and specifications. The company promises a sense of security in its every product.

It is really hard to identify the common problems of Mac. They can be minor problem like “system lag” or major issue like “disk failure”.

macbook problems

Let’s take a look at the four most common macbook problems and how to easily fix them:
1. Start-up disk issues

Sometimes, a mac may fail to start-up properly. Just like other brands, Macbooks can have hardware and software problems too. The operating system may get crashed. In order to fix this issue, the first thing to be checked is the power connection followed by hardware and cables. If this does not solve the problem, perform a “power cycle”. Press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds. This will lead to power cut and force it to restart. This process should work with most of the macs. In case, it does not work, reset the “SMC firmware” and your mac will run properly again.

2. Slow performance

If your macbook is running slow than its usual speed, it’s time to check or maybe change some settings of your mac. One of the most common reasons behind the slow performance of a macbook is the heavy load on the hard disk. The hard disk should have sufficient space to perform the basic functions. You need to clean it by organizing the files according to your preferences. The next thing you can do is to increase the speed of your macbook by updating its operating system.

3. Poor Connection

Some Mac users have reported irregular connection issues. In order to ensure a stable connection via Wi-Fi, you need to fix the frequency and bandwidth accordingly. Macbooks can be configured with 5GHz Wi-Fi network. Unlike 2.4GHz network, it has a shorter range which supports faster data transfer. 5GHz networks has comparatively less interference because no domestic appliance uses this frequency. Hence, it helps in improving your Wi-Fi connection in the long run.

4. Charging Problem

A non-charging Mac can be very annoying. After all, one of the main perks of any laptop is its mobility. Before you take your macbook to a service center, check out the basics. It should be plugged in properly. Adapter should be connected in properly. Check the socket of your wall. The energy saving settings should be rechecked in order to confirm the macbook’s charging. Apple recommends resetting the SMC (System management controller). Most of the basic problems related to power are resolved instantly on resetting the SMC of the macbook.

If your macbook is still under AppleCare or Apple’s warranty, the best solution is to let the technicians handle everything. But, if you are not covered, you need to involve lots of troubleshooting. The abovementioned solutions will definitely help you in dealing with the common problems faced while using a mac. Get in touch with us to get more tips and tricks for your Apple macbook.










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