Extend your Ipad Battery Life with These Simple Tips

Extend your Ipad Battery Life with These Simple Tips

Apple ipad is a great device consisting hundred of useful features in it. Apple has never failed its customers. With every new ipad the graphics, processor, camera gets better and faster.

One of the most crucial aspect of any technology is battery. features of the device can be a attractive point that may pull audience towards the product but battery is the soul of every smart technology.

Although, ipad comes with great battery backup which can last upto 10 hours or more. Still three things in world that man can never get enough money, time and battery. Things become irritating when you are heading to somewhere and your battery goes empty or extreme low.

There is also a chances that you may depleting battery life with certain activities which can harm the device longevity drastically.

To avoid all these hassles, in this article i’m gonna give you few tips that will extend your battery life simply :-

1. Disable airdrop
Airdrop is also one of the wireless feature that ipad offer its customers. It allow their users to transfer file from one apple device to another. For eg – you can transfer a file of ipad to mac without any wires or middle device. It is very useful but it can easily drain your battery so keep it off when it is not in use. Read the steps below

Go to control panel > tap to airdrop> turn off

2. Disable handoff
It is quite useful as you can use any apple device to continue your work from where you left off in another. It allow you to pick up calls of iphone on ipad, you can continue writing mail on ipad or iphone from the point where you left in mac. But it soak your battery so fast that you can’t even imagine. So, keep it off when it is not in use find handoff in general in order to turn off the feature.

3. Stop automatic updates
Everyone love to use updated version of apps in order to enjoy the feature or interface of the new version. many of you may be not knowing this but automatic updates on app store drains battery much more faster than the manual one. As apps in background keep running even when you are not using it.

4. Use auto brightness
Ipad have ability to adjust screen brightness as per requirement of the condition. Instead adjusting display brightness manually turn on auto brightness feature which will save battery. On this feature by accessing display & brightness in general.

5. Look for apps which consume a lot
If you are looking for most efficient way through which you can save your ipad battery. Then find out the apps which are draining the battery faster than the others. Ipad have this feature from where you can see which app is consuming the most. When you find out delete the app or reduce the usage of it.

Follow these simple tips to avoid battery damage, apple build its devices with the most powerful technology. So in very rarest cases there will be a chances of battery getting damaged. Still, there are times when battery need more than the tips when it gets totally exhausted.
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