Evolution Of The Ipod

Evolution Of The Ipod

Apple ipod dominated the market consistently from the time of its origin. There was only one definition to music and that was ipod. In US, people have considered “IPOD” only the most superior portable music player.

Not in US, the people of all over the globe knew only one single mp3 player and that was apple’s ipod. This little device transformed the portable music industry dramatically within few years of its introduction. .

Every high school kid ran behind their parents just to get the hold on this device. The sound quality of this portable player was top notch that one cannot get over with ever. We all have gone through this phrase and know how good that ERA was for crazy music enthusiasts .

Let’s just go back to that phrase again and experience the evolution of ipod one another time with this article :-

1st generation to 3rd generation ipod
The first ever ipod was introduced back in 2001 which created a buzz in the market of music industry strongly. The revolution of ipod begun 17 years back that had scroll wheel to switch and storage capacity upto 5gb and 10 gb in two different variants. The device was capable of storing upto 1000 songs at once which can only be uploaded to ipod through itunes only in mac.

Just after 1 year, apple came up with newer version in which they decided to modify the uncomfortable mechanical wheel into an sensitive touch. They increased the storage capacity upto 20gb. These two little modifications by the apple that time set the bar high for others in the market positively.

The 3rd generation apple ipod was little unusual because of the modification that was done to it. Apple completely changed the look of ipod. Apple added four button, 30-pin dock
And sensitive touch screen in this version of ipod. The major low was the battery as they moved to lithium from polymer that resulted in eight hour reduction in battery life.

1st mini generation to second generation mini

The first mini version of the ipod was a complete new device, it was a innovation by apple lead towards advancement. They introduced mini usb hard drive having capacity upto 4 gb. Click wheel was there but now people had more color options than they used to have.

Ipod photo
In the same year, apple surprised the customers with the photo version were they can able to store and display the photo albums. The storage capability reached to 60 gb which looked like an bumper offer to ipod users.

Ipod shuffle
I would call this a cheaper but best version of ipod. Small device with dock connector and wheel offering upto 1 or 2 gb capacity was not a bad option for the users.

Second generation
Not very much different from the 1st generation of mini version, only the colors and 18 hour boost up battery life came up with this apple device.

Ipod nano to ipod 5.5 generation
With the ipad nano, apple introduced flash based player in multi colors having capacity of 2 gb. The easily scratched screen made people disinterested in device.

Ipod 5th generation
Apple made a strong comeback in 2005 with the 5th generation ipod which made customers more than happy. The long awaited video playback is finally introduced to people and they enjoyed the feature to its most.

Ipod 5.5 generation
Finally, upgradation was done by apple such as increased battery life and 80 gb storage availability. Later on ipod nano 2 and ipod touch is introduced in 2007 which was a big hit of the brand apple.

Ipod had been a great partner in our high school time, it made travel fun and easier. I still think ipod is a great device that can still compete the newer technology with its sound easily. Don’t just wait if you’re also a fan and admire ipods then take the device out from box. Get the ipod screen repaired at hamilton that has one of the great experts of apple repair.


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