most common ios 10 problems and their fix

most common ios 10 problems and their fix

Apple keep their users busy with new update after every short interval in order to smash the bugs and lags of smart device. Although, the latest update ios 11 seems less impressive even after bringing new changes and design to the device.

The small updates in apple are casual and usually appears regularly, but the sight of new interface in apple is rare. Ios 11, was a big step forward by apple but it proved to be a disaster as people start facing issues right after updating.

So those, who still not have upgraded the software and even now using ios 10 then it doesn’t mean problems are not there.

Some of the most common problems of ios 10 can be fixed and easily get rid off. What are they? How to do?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems of ios 10 and its fix :-

Battery problem

So many users of ios 10 complaint about battery draining problem in this ios version. If you are not able to charge the battery or battery is getting drained quickly then the cause may be too many background apps. Turn of all the non essential features and apps that are not in use. If possible, delete some apps that no more come in use.

Device stuck

Sometimes, the device get stuck during an update and you just able to see the apple logo only. You have another option to update the device by putting it into device firmware update. Too see how it works explore more about it.

Touch id issue  

All IOS 10 users definitely faced this once at least where fingerprint scanner do not recognise the touch. To solve this issue, delete the saved print and register new one instead.

No imessage effects

All the amazing imessage effects are just cool to communicate, most of you are already familiar with the issue when you cannot able to use the effects. However, you can fix this error easily. Go to settings > general > accessibility > and make sure reduce motion feature is turned off.

3d touch not working  

Lot of people are not happy with 3d touch in their device when operating on ios 10 software. You can solve this issue by simply restarting the phone, if it still not works. Then, go to settings > general > 3d touch and then adjust the sensitivity of your touch screen.

Device frozen

If your device get frozen all of sudden and you won’t able to restart it from power button even. Then, force restart the device in order to fix the problem, press home button and power button together for at least 15 seconds till you see apple logo. If you have iphone 7 and 7 plus then press volume down and power button for the same.

Every update by apple aimed at removing bugs of the device, apple smartphones has lot to offer to its customers and the only motive of updation is to provide smooth functioning. Try to keep the device up to date and avoid unauthentic sites as much as possible in order to avoid virus and hangs.

Software problem has solutions but a big issues always needs expert hands which needs to get immediately solved from the repair shop. If you are seeking help for any apple device such as ipad, ipod, iphone then contact us for one the most assured and affordable solutions. We are situated in hamilton and one of the best in town to its customers.


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