Beef Up Your iPad Safety With These Top 7 Tips

beef up your ipad safety tips

Beef Up Your iPad Safety With These Top 7 Tips

In this digital world, people use iPads every day- both professionally and personally. The iPad is a shiny, small, portable and extremely valuable device, not just price-wise but also utilitywise and also easy to carry around with you. This amazing device stores a large amount of vital data and personal information in the form of messages, email, photos, social networking apps and also browsing history etc.

iPads and other smart devices like tablets are everywhere: at your kid’s school, in the coffee shop and even at the department store. Not surprisingly, this device is also theft-probe and highly susceptible to abuse of your personal information and sensitive data. Keeping your iPad secure should be something all tablet or hand handled devices owners should keep in mind.

We have a list of seven simple tips which you can use to keep your iPad secure, safe and functioning well.

1. Set a strong passcode
One of the simplest and most important steps to secure your iPad is creating a strong passcode to lock it so that if you lost it no one could able to access your data and personal information. Creating a strong passcode turns on data encryption. Also, you should choose a unique passcode option as the four to the five-digit numeric password is too simple to guess.

2. Cover up your ipad
Screen protectors for iPad or tablets are a must and extremely necessary. It does not have to be a costly one, just a good quality film is enough. A clear sheet over the screen prevents your device from damage and scratches.

3. Use a case
A single drop could completely crack your screen and can possibly dent your device. In this case, your insurance here is a good quality iPad case. A case for your iPad improve your grip on it and prevent most breaks from falls. You will easily find multiples of good options online.

4. Travel Safely
When you are traveling somewhere, use a travel case to keep your iPad safe. Yes, the travel cases are bulkier but they are best option to prevent the device from getting damaged on the journey. The best thing is that they are available in several colorful designs and patterns, so they don’t necessarily have to be a burden while traveling.

5. Backup your data on any other device
This is not just for your iPad but any technical device that holds sensitive data and important files. Accidents happen. Technology can turn faulty or get lost, stolen, or broken. It’s better to make a habit of updating your device at least twice a month of not more often. Don’t risk it!

6. Set up software updates
Updating iOS ensures you have the advanced security updates and patches set up against viruses and hackers. This will also let your iPad function smoother.

7. Keep it clean
Keeping your device free of oils and dust that can get on them during daily use is a good idea. You can use a clean tissue to wipe your iPad. You can also use microfiber screen cleaner or lint-free cloth is also a good option for the same purpose.

To sum up, these are a few tips to beef up your iPad safety. At Apple Fix we offer affordable and fast repair solutions for iPads, Macbooks, iPhones and more in the Hamilton surrounding areas. Get in touch with our experts for any such problems.


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