7 Useful Maintenance tips for your iPhone

7 Useful Maintenance tips for your iPhone

Bought a new iPhone? If yes then it’s obvious that you won’t even let others touch it. In this fast paced digital world, people cannot easily survive without their iPhones. From financial planning to Social Media networking there is fairly much nothing that iPhone cannot accomplish. For some people iPhone is like their precious baby and they take care of their it more than they care for anyone else. Many iphone users do not have the exact idea of how to take care of their iPhone.

Here is list of seven useful maintenance tips for taking care of your precious iPhone.

1. Buy a case for your iPhone
Thing is the first thing you should do after you get your iPhone. To protect your iPhone, one of the best thing you can do is to buy a case for it. Buy a case that is comfortable for carrying in your hand and suits your device. Avoid buying cases that are heavy and bulky. Try to buy a case that is not only stylish but can provide best protection to your screen from scratches and futher damage.

2. Protect your iPhone from water
Accidents can take place anytime but It is better to avoid any accidental drop of water on your iPhone. Try to be more careful when you have coffee or tea. Incase if accidentally you drop your iPhone on a bucket full of water or water drops on it, then remove the battery and clean the water from it properly. Leave it for an hour or two to get it dry before putting the battery again.

3. Use Original apple charger
Using original charger for your smartphone matters alot. Original charger of an iPhone has been designed with a proper cutoff point like a MCB switch which means that it stops charging the battery when it is fully charged. The Inexpensive duplicate USB chargers lack this feature and could harm your device.

4. Don’t overheat it
You should never expose your iphone to either low or high temperatures. iPhone performs best at between approx 34 and 96 degrees. Avoid keeping your device in either hot or freezing places. If you are facing overheating problem with your iPhone, immediately switch it off and remove the battery for sometime.

5. Keep it clean
Keeping your Android or iPhone screen clean can give your iPhone a great look. You should clean your iPhone on a regular with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid using wet tissues or anything else but a soft clean cloth to keep it clean otherwise this could result in a scratched screen.
Cleaning the charging point of your iphone is also necessary.

6. Get a screen protector for it
Screen is the most important part of any smartphone, since the technology of touch screen has been discovered in the mobile industry. Screen protector is an essential thing you can consider for your iPhone. They are ideal for protecting your iPhone’s screen from possible scratches.

7. Don’t let your Phone die
Always keep it mind that lithium ion batteries have more prone to short circuiting if you keep using them at a low level for a long time. So, charge it before the battery goes zero percent.

Above mentioned tips will help in taking care of your iphone, Your iphone is precious and is fully loaded with lots of useful features and requires more care than any other phone. If you are looking for an apple iPhone screen service in Hamilton, then get in touch with us !


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