7 Things You Should Know Before Buying An iPad

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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying An iPad

Well, iPad needs no introduction. From its world renowned apple logo to its brilliant display, everything about the iPad has made millions crave for it. But do these features such as enhanced speed and good display come at a cost? And is this cost only monetary? How does an iPad compare to another good range tablet? There are a lot of questions that linger around when it comes to the iPad, and before buying one you should know what you may gain or lose from it! So here we are bringing you the top 7 facts you should go through before getting yourself an iPad.

1. The screen resolution!

This is something to die for, the iPads have true tone retina display with environment lighting sensors which make the entire look amazing and life like. The screen is durable to quite an extent, but if your iPad cracks and you do not wish to shell out a chunk, you can get an iPad Pro/ iPad Mini/ iPad Air Screen repair easily, even if you are living in a cold wilderness of Hamilton.

Ipad mini

2. Is Google Maps and Docs supported by iPad

Yes, it does support both these apps and we know how important these are! Apple’s navigation is a nightmare and so, Google’s map compatibility is  a great  news if you are looking to get yourself an iPad.

3. Can a camera download pictures directly into the iPad?

No, it cannot. Well, there is no direct way to transfer these photos, but you sure can buy a camera adapter from the Apple store for around $ 30 and get it connected to your iPad.

4. Can my iPad connect to a projector for slides?

No, it cannot. There is no stock way for your device to connect to a projector, but you can again, buy an add-on from the Apple store for around $ 25 rupees that will give you some sort of (though limited) way to display slides on a projector!

5. Can my iPad print a photo directly to a printer?

This time there is one definite answer, No, it cannot. There are some apps like those of HP or Dell or Canon, which have some sort of compatibility but not many work well with iPads. They are mostly designed for iPhones and suit them best, not the iPad.

6. Are there any good Office apps for iPad?

Well, there are some good apps which will help you work in word files or sheets, but none as stable and clean as the Microsoft office. Since there is no compatibility with MS Office on the iPad, users will have to adjust to the iWorks of Apple which of course is not as good as the Microsoft one!

7. Does Apple provide insurance or warranty?

Just like the iPhones, iPads do not have insurance per se, but they do have the usual apple warranty, which covers most hardware and software issue, bar the accidental damages.

So, make sure you keep all these points in mind before buying an iPad. Ans if your Ipad air screen needs replacement or repair, get in touch with us today!


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