6 Reasons To Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired By A Professional

iPhone Screen Repaired

6 Reasons To Get Your iPhone Screen Repaired By A Professional

IPhone has swayed away the world by its wonderful technology. It has become popular among all the age groups and flaunted as a prize possession. The broken iPhone screen is a common problem faced by many iPhone users. Despite of being extra cautious,it often gets slipped.  At times, there is no serious damage involved but, in certain cases,the screen gets cracked or damaged. You are advised to avail the services of a professional without much delay.

iPhone Screen Repaired

Choose a professional who has years of experience in phone repairing over the local technician for better results.

1. Check if your device is in warranty period

The standard warranty provided by Apple Inc. for iPhone does not cover accidental damages and you may have to pay for getting the screen repaired. But, you should not try to look up for cheaper option by choosing a local technician for screen repair. Your whole warranty becomes pointless, if the iPhone has been already tested upon by the unauthorized technician. The cheaper option may prove to be very costly in the long run.

2. Alternatives for latest versions

IPhone 6 and the  latest versions come with the proprietary Touch ID fingerprint sensor. When the touch is replaced by a third party source, it may work well. But when you upgrade your iPhone version, you may encounter Error 53. In such a case,your phone is virtually dead. The videos, texts, pictures and any other data gets lost and they cannot be retrieved.

3. Check the IPhone insurance coverage

Mostly, iPhone insurance has a coverage for accidental damages. You may have to pay a small repair fee only to get your screen repaired in case, your device is covered by insurance. However, you must understand all the terms and conditions of the claim while opting for insurance. Most of the people face hardships while claiming.

4. Your iPhone can be upgraded

If you have been using the iPhone for over two years, you could be eligible to get a discounted upgrade. By paying a nominal price, you can upgrade your phone to a later version too. The damaged screen could be a great source of motivation too.

5. Explore the Apple screen repair service

Apple has reduced the screen repair charges for iPhones as several phones are brought at their service centers with  the complain of shattered glass. Hence, considering the multiple cases reporting similar complains, the service centers encourage the users to replace the screen with a  superior quality and genuine one.

6. Security and Data wiping solution

Apple iPhone Screen Repair Hamilton always wipes the entire data of the phone prior to its repair. This is a standard procedure followed by all the authorized service centers of Apple. Your phone is as good as out-of-the-box technological solution. This protects the customers from data leaks. The local repair shops do not wipe the data which indeed is a negative aspect of their service.

The above stated points  recommend you to understand the consequences of getting the screen of your iPhone replaced by an unauthorized service technicians. In fact, it is advisable to approach professionals for the very purpose. To know more about this subject, Contact us anytime!


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