5 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Macbook


5 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Macbook

Macbook is a terrific device that already has capacity to work smoothly for longer time. Sometime the way we use our equipment becomes the major factor as it is directly proportional to your pc life.

Nobody like to spend money on same thing over and over again for its repairing or on a brand new purchase. Macbook is a expensive device that can cost a good amount of money if it comes to repairing.

There are several ways through which you can extend the life of your macbook to a great extent. Here are some smart ways which you need to start following as soon as you read this article :-

1. Don’t fill up your drive to its full capacity
Try to keep 5-10 percent of your drive space free because when you fill the space of your drive to its most, laptop starts slowing down. After a while, when you need to save something important in the same. your drive needs to restructure all over to adjust the new file. Sometime your computer gets tired by doing this organisation again and again which results in slow performance.

2. Upgrade ram when using heavy programs
If you work on softwares like premier pro, adobe photoshop, fcp etc. then check once whether your computer ram is enough to handle these softwares easily. Try to keep the ram one or two level above than the requirement. If not, then upgrade the ram sufficiently.

3. Use in optimal temperature
Don’t use your macbook in too cold temperature or In too hot atmosphere. Try to operate the machine in a room where the temperature is moderate. There are accessories which provide protection to laptop in humid temperature. Also, Make sure that your laptop fans are working appropriately.

4. Don’t fold the charger wires
Charger is a very essential accessory that comes with laptop itself. You don’t want it to get damaged or harmed because it is the only source which provide laptop the energy. In order to avoid macbook charger repair cost, you should stop folding it inappropriately and start taking care of it. Don’t stretch the wire when laptop is on charging as well as don’t let it bend tightly.

5. Reduce the amount of files on desktop
Try to keep the number of files, icons and images on desktop less as much as you can. Your computer system eats up ram badly when you keep bundle of stuffs on desktop. It have to render all the files every time when you open the laptop.

6. Update whenever it is sent
Updation is very helpful if you want to make the laptop bug free and lag free. Keep updating the macbook as apple updates are best in removing the issues. Don’t forget to backup the files while you are doing it as in some case files do get loss.

Bottom line
Macbook battery is also one of the things that you should not forget to take care of. Take care of your battery to avoid drainage problem later on. Keep the charger at its best, if you already done a damage to it then contact applefix as we have best macbook charger repair technicians in hamilton.


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