5 Tips For Regular Maintenance Of Motherboard

5 Tips For Regular Maintenance Of Motherboard

Imagine a car without an engine, or a restaurant without a chef! On the outside it may look really inviting but has no use or significance! A motherboard of a computer is just like that Engine or the chef. It is the largest board for the Central Processing Unit and is responsible for every connection, from the RAM to GPU to the ALU and is also responsible for holding the ROM for the BIOS (Basic i/o system). If any part of the motherboard fails to work, so will your computer and thus, proper care for the same is essential. It is important for you to keep a check on the condition of the board and here we bring to you five tips to ensure your motherboard is kept well and save you a trip to get your motherboard repaired.

1. Remember to clean the motherboard

Dust often lands onto the motherboard through the air-vents. if allowed to settle, dust can damage the connections by picking up moisture from the environment and may even result in short circuits. Remember to open the CPU cases, once a month to dry clean the motherboard.

2. Keep a check on capacitors

Remember that the Motherboard is a large card of the CPU and has various parts attached to it. More often than not the capacitors hitched onto the motherboard show signs of swelling and can even leak. This increases the overall temperature of the unit making the PC unresponsive.  

3. Keep checking your CMOS battery

The battery (coin type) attached to the motherboard is essential for proper functioning. When the CMOS battery fails, the date and time fail to change and have to be manually done every time you switch on the PC. This hampers user experience and also sometimes makes it difficult to run particular web pages.

4. Keep a check on the fans that cools the GPU and the motherboard

Cooling of the motherboard and its units is essential and if not taken care can harm the entire PC. During operation the system can become very hot.  Improper cooling will result in short circuits even if you live in the coldest parts of Hamilton. Keep a check and save your visit to get your motherboard repaired.

5. Use eraser to clean the copper connectors

After getting rid of all the static charge on your body (Just go and touch a metal object for 5 seconds) and detaching all the cards off the motherboard, it is time for you to clean the copper connectors with an eraser, lightly, which can be seen after the detachment is done. While taking off the parts remember to not use excessive force as it may cause in breaking and well, will only increase your expenses.

So now you have the ultimate guide to taking care of the motherboard and ultimately your PC.  Make sure you check all the boxes to ensure your PC runs hassle free for years to come! To know more keeping your PC in good working condition, contact us.


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