5 Signs Your Iphone Screen Replacement

Iphone Screen Replacement

5 Signs Your Iphone Screen Replacement

iPhones have been the world’s largest selling mobile phones ever since the first iPhone was launched way back in 2007. The company is only been advancing more so with the latest version of the staple phone of Apple being the iPhone 7. Other than having great features such as camera quality, it also boasts of an impressive user interface in the form of iOS and superior RAM and internal storage.

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Iphone Screen Replacement

One of the most stylish components of the iPhone is its screen. Having a great display quality and strong texture, it is what allows the operating system to run at its full potential, and shows the beauty of the camera. Hence, it becomes very important to take good care of the screen and, if needed, replace it whenever required.

People often adjust with screens that do not work properly, which not only stops the phone from working at its full potential but also can have significant side effects on other features of the phone.

It is easy to notice if you need a screen replacement, and here are a few ways of noticing that the life if your screen is over:

1. Delayed response: Apple repair stores are often filled with customers who do not know why it takes multiple touches to get a task done. They often think that their phone has slowed down or doesn’t have enough RAM, but more often than not the fault lies in the touch. If the touch cannot convey the signals properly, then no matter how many times you try, the phone won’t respond.

2. Screen patches: Often, the easiest way to notice if you need a new screen is when you see small patches of dirt or stains on the screen that won’t go away even after washing it with a detergent. The patches will prevent the screen from registering the touch of your finger, and the screen will start malfunctioning eventually.

3. Color quality: The amount of clarity in images in iPhone is mind boggling, and every color shines out from an image. So, if you notice that an image is looking kind of dull or some colors don’t seem as bright as they used to be, it might be a sign your screen losing its ability to adjust colour brightness. To ensure that your iPhone’s performance is optimized, you should check your screen once you see the colors fading.

4. Cracks: Most broken screens originate from a single crack. You think that a single scratch won’t do much, and before you realise, your phone is scattered with scratches throughout the screen and display. A scratched screen is pretty much useless, and needs to be replaced as quickly as possible, as it deteriorates very quickly.

5. Touch malfunction: A slow working touch is bad, a rogue touch is a pure pain. Your phone will open random applications by itself, or dial a number without you telling it to. You have to keep the phone locked at all times, because once unlocked, it becomes unpredictable. Such a screen is essentially dead, and it is high time you throw the old one out and get brand new one.

If you see any of these signs on your iPhone, contact us and we will provide you with a well functioning screen in no time.


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