5 macbook hacks you probably never heard of

5 macbook hacks and tips

5 macbook hacks you probably never heard of

Macbook is one of the most versatile and powerful technologies which is dominating the tech-market from the past few years in progression. Probably, you must be owning a macbook from the last 5 years or so, but, there are lots of features which you may not be familiar with.

Apple always keeps some features hidden somewhere that is completely unidentified, specially, when we have one of their devices at home. Finally, after several years of its existence, some people have cracked the code and shared the whole new macbook with all the Apple users out there.

To cut it short, here are 5 macbook hacks which are likely to make your life smoother and easier while working on your Mac:

1. Spotlight as calculator

If you ever find yourself in trouble while doing maths, then, just hit the command “+ spacebar” on macboard to open spotlight. Simply type your problem and get it solved within seconds. This will help you in getting back to what you were working on. Isn’t that simple?

2. Explore the family of Emoji

Have you ever wondered why I can’t use emoji in macbook while texting or mailing? Well, there’s a simple hack to it! All you need to do is just hit the command “+ spacebar + control (ctrl)” to make emoji keyboard visible on screen. It works quite seamlessly when you are texting or sending mail to someone.

3. Switching to the digital signature

On various occasions, your signature is required in the document while sending files through mail. It requires a lot of planning and accurate scanning etc. However, in the case of Mac, if you have iSight camera, then, you can apply your signature both in preview as well as in the Email. Check more about this feature online in a detailed manner.

4. Dictate your mac

I think, most of you may not have an idea about this feature! This feature is somewhat like a magic for writers, wherein, they can dictate their mac in order to write seamlessly. You need to ensure that there is some extra hard disk space to enjoy this feature without any trouble.

5. Enhance your words by using special characters

You will definitely look forward to this tip while writing emails, writing books or novel. If you ever feel short of characters or words with accent mark and need more, just hold and hit the letter specifically you want to mark with accent. With this action, a list of os x special character will appear. Choose the special characters which seem to be suitable for your line.

Apple never misses a chance to surprise its users with a variety of unique features in its devices. Obviously, that’s the reason why it is one of the top technologies across the globe. Despite of this fact, everything consists of pros and cons and in the case of Apple macbook, battery has been one of the major concerns of the users.

Check out our more blogs about macbook and know how to maintain the device for a better performance. If you are facing trouble with your macbook battery, then, our macbook battery repair technology experts have some effective ways to resolve the issue within lesser time and at low cost.


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