5 essential tips to keep the IOS device maintained


5 essential tips to keep the IOS device maintained

In this digital world, iphone has been proved as a successful smartphone which is delivering exceptionally terrific performance. The users are very much satisfied with the IOS device however the performance depends on the basis of the usage in long time.

Every device needs maintenance. Doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap the smartphone is. Iphone is capable of doing everything from handling social media to planning business finance. It can give you access to entire world right in its small screen.

The last minute need of an important “file” can be accomplished through iphone but what if your battery goes down at the end moment?.

The key to achieve better results is maintenance, to get better performance from your iphone you need to keep the device maintained throughout.

Here are some effective tips that will help you to get the best out of your IOS device positively :-

1. Don’t charge frequently
I have seen almost 80 percent of the people charging their iphone continuously after every interval. Don’t just plug in the charger everytime you see it right across the corner.
Always plug your iphone in charging when battery percentage is below 15 percent, also don’t plug it out till it reaches 100 %. Plugging in plugging out can harm the device battery life negatively.

2. Use flight mode
If the iphone is not going to be used for several hours ahead then turn the airplane mode on for better battery life and performance. It helps in attaining improved result from battery and increase the device performance effortlessly.

3. Update the device
If you ask for guidance from expert for your iphone then he would suggest you to keep the device updated every single time it gets appear in your settings panel. Updates help in removing the lags and bugs you are facing with the iphone.

4. Don’t make it full
It is better to keep the device clean and at least 1/4th of the total memory free to avoid the device slow performance issue. If you keep the device storage fully loaded then most of the times you will end up getting a very slow response from the device. Try to shift all of your data every month to cloud storage or to your macbook so that the memory stays free for faster performance.

5. Protect your investment
Software problems can get resolved by working on it but physical damage will always cost you big money when it come to iphone damage. Protect your screen by covering the display with screen protector. Back cover in also important to avoid the camera breakage. I would suggest you to go with 360 protected covers as they are durable and made of quality material.


Your little device iphone is everything for you, from clicking photos to keeping the important business files. It consist everything one would be needing on a regular basis to keep going. If you already done damage to your device then contact apple fix as we are the best iphone repair shop in hamilton.


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