iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement

iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement

iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement hamilton

We heard about iphone 6 plus touch disease may be same is happening with iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement we know from iphone x has interposer board. Interposer is a middle frame layer which connects upper and lower board of iphone x. See in the below picture

iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement

iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement

Why the engineers came up with this type of design? To get more space for the battery so that they can use bigger batteries in iphones which can last longer. But doing so there came some disadvantages to end user which is these types can breaks easily in an event of impact.

This blog is about the iphone x which had an impact damage. Screen was broken and no display. Even though new screen was fitted got display but still touch not working.

iphone x touch not working even after screen replacement solutions

If you are a iphone repair shop you need to have proper tools and expertise and skills to carry out this kind of repair. To start with check touch connectors on iphone x if there are any burnt components like capacitors or fuses. It will be an easy repair is the damage is visible without taking apart iphone x interposer board. if there is no damage found then you have to separate. Both of iphonex x upper and lower board are soldered together with a middle layer. You need iphone x board separator apparatus.

iphone x touch connector are located on lower board and part of the touch circuit on upper board. From our experience in an event of impact the touch lines which are connected to upper board dislocate or break resulting touch stopped working.

In the above case iphone x touch problem can be fixed by desoldering the iphopne x board reball them and join together. If the impact is bad enough to pull the pads off interposer then it become a difficult repair. iphone x touch repair is not limited to only interposer layer but it could be related to other components aswell

Below is the link to a complete video on iphone x touch not working fix even after screen replacement

If your iphone x has encountered with this type of touch problem bring it to applefix or call 078394188. If you dont live in hamilton you can send your device find instructions here 

We also offer logic board repair courses if you interested learning these skills find information here



iphone 11 pro max lcd screen $ back glass repair

iphone 11 Pro Max lcd screen & back glass repair

iphone 11 pro max lcd screen & back glass repair @ AppleFix Hamilton

Applefix hamilton New Zealand specialized iphone 11 pro max lcd screen & back glass repair . Applefix hamilton is doing iphone repairs since first iphone came in market. Earlier iphones lcd replacement was little bit different than newer iphones. If we look at iphone 2 iphone 3gs for lcd replacement it is simple unscrew 2 x screws which are holding lcd screen pull the screen out and replace with new one. On iphone 4 and 4s lcd replacement was difficult as you have to remove all the parts before you have access to iphone lcd screen.

But from iphone 5 to newest iphone at present which is iphone 11 pro max lcd screen replacement is easy you dont have to remove any other parts than lcd screen it self.

if we compare iphone 11 pro max lcd screen & back glass repair lcd screen replacement is way easier. You will need P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone and tri point Y000 screw driver or spudger to pull the screen out.

iphone 11 pro max lcd screen & back glass repair @ AppleFix Hamilton New Zealand

The procedure of iphone 11 pro max screen replacement is same as iphone 7. You have to remove p2 pentalobe screws which are holding the screen. Then use a head gun to soften the glue and use a plastic and metal spudger to remove the broken screen from iphone 11 pro max. Once screen is out disconnect the battery terminals and test the new screen. Next thing you have to do it to remove the front camera cables including face recognition cable from the old broken screen. You have to be very careful removing these cables. If these got broken the you cant have face recognition work again.

We would recommend to heat the from camera location from front side of the broken screen so that it peels off easily. Then put it back on to iphone 11 pro max new screen. As compare to iphone 7 and 8 there is one less work now which is you dont have to worry about home button. You can also read good article here on iphone 11 pro max teardown.

iphone 11 pro max lcd screen $ back glass repair

iphone 11 pro max lcd screen $ back glass repair

iphone 11 pro max back / rear glass repair

We dont know why apple has made iphone 8, x, xs, xs max and iphone 11 back panel so har to repair. There is no other phone in the market which back panel is difficult to replace. So far out of all these iphone 11 pro max repair glass repair is very difficult. But at applefix hamilton we have one of the best iphone rear glass removing machine. Which not only replace iphone 11 pro max rear panel glass remove professionally but can be done in an easy way.

iphone 11 pro max lcd screen $ back glass repair

iphone 11 pro max lcd screen $ back glass repair

If your iphone lcd screen is broken or iphone rear glass is broken bring it to applefix hamilton 125 ward street hamilton new zealand or call 078394188.


iphone x screen repair in hamilton new zealand

Most Professional iPhone Repair Center in Hamilton New Zealand

On the off chance if you are attempting to find talented Apple iPhone repairmen, then search no further. There are top-class repairing shops in Hamilton that take the utmost care of your precious iPhone devices. Whether it’s to repair a screen on iPhone or supplanting an iPhone speaker, the technicians have fine skills to manage any problem.

Maintenance of iPhone

iPhone maintenance is certainly one of your most searched terms for after purchase services and you need to take serious consideration on the matters of repairing your iPhone.  Your device is rest guaranteed in the secure hands of technicians in Hamilton.

Great records and profile

With many years of experience and a huge variety of fulfilled clients, the specific variety of competencies and sound technical expertise have benefited several clients in the requirement of repair services in and around Hamilton.

iphone x screen repair in hamilton new zealand

iphone x screen repair in hamilton new zealand

The basic services you get

Apple iPhone Service Center in Hamilton renders some marked services such as –

24×7 service is available

Guaranteed high standard services

Certified technicians

Onsite and offsite Apple IPhone repairing services.

Apple iPhone Repair Service Providers from Hamilton are very qualified and experienced specialists who analyze and remedy your trouble with the Apple iPhone.

macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

Most Professional Macbook Repair Center in Hamilton New Zealand

Macbook Repair Center In Hamilton New Zealand

From Simple software problem to chip level repair on macbook AppleFix Hamilton offer all repairs in store. Most Advance macbook repair lap in New Zealand.


The common services of the repairing centers from Hamilton are –

Battery Issues

As your Macbook ages, its batteries degrade. With quick battery replacement services, you can really enjoy many more productive hours of charge.

Cracked Screen

One of the most common repairs! The technicians only use authentic parts to ensure you the best experience.

Water Damage

The technicians of Hamilton repair water damage from inside on the device that ensures your device gets rid of the damage.

Software/Hardware Issues

Is MacBook not working as per your commands? Professional repairs ensure that your Macbook functions the way you want it to be.


Most Professional Macbook repairs in hamilton new zeland


Call Now 078394188 125 ward street Hamilton New Zealand

macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

macbook repairs in hamilton new zealand

iphone x screen repair in hamilton new zealand

iPhone X Broken Screen Repair

iphone x broken screen repair in hamilton New Zealand

iPhone X provides flawless performance from all aspects with the powerful bionic chips that make it reliable than other smartphones. However, coming from Apple these are quite a bit expensive than its competitor, so follows with the repairs as well. The spare parts for all iPhones are quite expensive and are available only in the apple stores which are also quite expensive. In this scenario, screen replacement or repair can cost quite an inch of money if you have defects in them and looking for a proper service done on it.

Apple Fix can be your smart choice in the market as they provide authentic spare parts which are directly from the manufacturers in the cost-effective price that is not possible in the Apple service center. Besides, you can completely rely on their reliable services as they use the same tools and parts that are used in Apple stores to fix it perfectly.

Highly qualified and skilled technicians with years of experience work on your phone’s service to ensure the best solution that will surely meet your requirements. Now, you will have no need to stay along with your Broken Iphone X Screen and look out for the sources for money in Hamilton as the most affordable services in Hamilton are waiting for you at Apple Fix.

iphone x screen repair in hamilton new zealand

iphone x screen repair in hamilton new zealand

iphone x water damaged repair

iPhone X Water Damaged Repair @ AppleFix Hamilton New Zealand

iPhone X is surely an expensive device out there in the market but the features like certified water resistance, Lightening fast processor, wireless charging and efficient performance etc makes it worthy of all sense. However, there are chances that your iPhone X May Get Water Damaged in some scenarios and the warranty may not work for you.

Service centers express high costs for repairing those water damaged phones as spare parts of them are also quite expensive from the manufacturers. In this scenario, Applefix can be your best pick which not only gets your phone repaired completely but also uses the authentic spare parts from manufacturers directly. With affordable prices and the most reliable services, it is the most preferred choice in Hamilton.


iphone x water damaged repair

iphone x water damaged repair

Highly skilled technician. Fully equipped workshop. See Live repair on iphone x dead


The Best Service Center for Macbook and Ipad Repairs in New Zealand

Macbooks are the most reliable laptops in the present market scenario from all aspects that maybe look, design, performance, efficiency or any considerable features. The same follows to Ipad too which are brought into the market as the perfect alternative of the laptops being capable of everything that a laptop can do. Applefix can help you with any kind of Macbook Screen Repair or ipad Repair at a cheaper price which is almost impossible in the market. Moreover, every repair parts or spare parts to be replaced are from genuine manufacturers which make your device look and work like the new one from every corner.

Best Apple Devices Service Center in New Zealand

Apple is the most renowned and trusted brand in the market having millions of users all over the world. Its reliable ecosystem and flawless performance are the major reasons behind people preferring it over other available products in the market. However, similar to the price of the phone, the repair parts are also equally expensive in the market and apple store itself can take a long time for iPhone Repair. The same follows for other apple devices such as laptops and PCs too. In this scenario, apple fix could be a best and smart choice that provides the same trusted service with cost-effective price.

Every apple devices can be repaired or replaced with the brand new parts from apple. ipad Screen Repair which may cost an inch of money elsewhere in the market can also be done here with much cheaper price and the most reliable service. You can be ensured of the permanent solution for any complaints on every apple devices such as iPhones, Macs, Macbooks and iPads, etc. Besides all these repairs, the most overwhelming customer services are also provided to customers with delivery services too. One can just call the customer care, say the problem of their device and get it done within a few days.

ipad charging port repair

The Best Service Center for Ipad Charging Repair in Hamilton

Ipad can be a good alternative of Laptops as most of the tasks can be completed single-handedly on it with an efficient and reliable interface. However, repairing apple devices is a little expensive in the market that may be the Macbook repair or iPhone Charging Port Repair. If you are looking out for a reliable service center in Hamilton, apple fix is a perfect choice from every aspect that may be affordable pricing or an incredible service that will surely meet your expectations. Besides this, even major issues like Ipad charging repair can also be done faster and delivered to you like the new ones without any kind of complaints further.

Most Preferred Repair Center for Apple Device in New Zealand

Having an iPhone is quite incredible as most of the tasks are completed at ease with a user-friendly interface even if buying them is a big deal for most people. Furthermore getting the damaged iPhone in apple store is also a lengthy and expensive task which will consume a lot of time in case of warranty period or will be costlier to a great extent. However, if you are looking for a proper service center which can fix any damage of your phone and make it look like the new one, then apple fix in Hamilton is the best repair center to look out for.


Not only a satisfying service with genuine Apple products replacement but also incredibly faster service is provided by the professional associates of the company. In the case of iphone Screen Repair, just send the device by contacting the customer service from the official website and after the perfect repair done on it, you will get it back instantly.

It is undoubtedly the best spot for your iPhone Repair from all aspects as the professional associates make sure of returning the device as the new one. Additionally, screen replacements and Macbook repair are also done here at an affordable price.


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